Today I travel…

Centering Thought: As the Buddha taught the middle way, I know all things are possible with balance and mindfulness. Today I travel the middle way. The middle way is a founding principle in Buddhism and was revealed to the Buddha after pushes his practice to a dangerous and unhealthy limit on his way to enlightenment.... Continue Reading →


Today I allow…

Centering Thought: Happiness is always around us, and requires nothing but acceptance of what is. Today I allow myself to see happiness inside myself and all around me. Many people see happiness outside of themselves. They can only be happy if their favorite show plays out the way they want it to. They can only... Continue Reading →

I let go of…

Centering Thought: We have a choice to be light as a feather or heavy as cement. Today I let the weight of my everyday struggle go.   We tend to create all the heaviness in our lives with doubt, fear, and worry as the main culprits. With mindfulness and intent, we can decide to allow... Continue Reading →

What our senses consume…

Centering Thought: ¬†What we consume through our other senses is just as important as what we consume through the mouth. Today I consume with thought and mindfulness In Buddhism, the Fifth Mindfulness Training helps us to consider everything we consume, and it's usefulness to our body and our practice. We know what we eat fuels... Continue Reading →

I am Overwhelmed but…

Centering Thought: I am overwhelmed. I allow my emotions to run wild too much. Today I care for my insides better. I am someone ruled by my emotions. It doesn't help my moon is in Aquarius, which puts me as an outsider a lot. I don't want to get into astrology but I see my... Continue Reading →

Are the dots real or Placebo?

This week has been one where I see the Universe working. It seems everywhere I turn, many of the issues and questions I have for both immediate problem resolution but also I'm finding the Universe seems to want to answer the big issues holding back my spiritual growth. All this feels and is amazing but... Continue Reading →

Is Respect nothing more than Ego?

I try not to make it so obvious when I write about situations that happen with my friends, but I'm pretty sure this friend will know immediately this blog is about him. However, I'm not really writing about what happened between us as much as I'm trying to understand this need for respect. As I... Continue Reading →

Catalyst Life

Finding one's spiritual path later in life can be overwhelming, as is finding anything that involves work and dedication; however, for me I am about to juggle college in my thirties, trying to stay clean, and increasing my Buddhist practice. I personally am overwhelmed. Those three things are just a portion of my 2017 goals... Continue Reading →

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