Not an angry person, Just Disappointed.

Lately, I have been taking care to follow my emotions wherever they lead. Most have already guessed things have become very complicated. While I can say I am learning my triggers for joy, sadness, and frustration, I've also noticed everything seems to put me in a very angry state. Naturally, I have begun to look... Continue Reading →


Catalyst Life

Finding one's spiritual path later in life can be overwhelming, as is finding anything that involves work and dedication; however, for me I am about to juggle college in my thirties, trying to stay clean, and increasing my Buddhist practice. I personally am overwhelmed. Those three things are just a portion of my 2017 goals... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Returns

Life has always been described to me as a series of ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, and successes and failures. When things are working smoothly with the sun shining on every one of your decisions, you seem indestructible until you aren't anymore. ┬áThe inevitable fall from the top starts to reverse all the work... Continue Reading →

The Universe Gives

The other day I had plans to hang around town with a good friend of mine as he waited for his car to get inspected. I have my morning routine of meditation, writing this blog, yoga, and a couple other things, as I am most productive in the early morning hours. Knowing he and I... Continue Reading →

Fear my Brain

A really good friend of mine turned me on to a new artist by the name of Banks ( not Lloyd Banks people ). Banks is just an amazing artist that is haunting and strong; I'm pretty enamored by this artist but the song┬áBrain really sent me over the edge. The song really spoke to... Continue Reading →

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