Today I travel…

Centering Thought: As the Buddha taught the middle way, I know all things are possible with balance and mindfulness. Today I travel the middle way. The middle way is a founding principle in Buddhism and was revealed to the Buddha after pushes his practice to a dangerous and unhealthy limit on his way to enlightenment.... Continue Reading →


I’m not scared of hardship anymore.

Most of what I write concerns getting beyond the difficult times in my life to discover the hidden strength to make it to the next chapter. I'd always been disappointed with self-help books, and stories of success because they always gave the end result, not the journey. My goal has always been to record my... Continue Reading →

The push Forward I needed!

One of the hardest statements to make to people is, " everything happens for a reason". Being spiritual, I believe that statement to be true because I have real life experience that proves it to be so. However, many people see it as being an optimist while reality is nothing more than a series of... Continue Reading →

Today I allow…

Centering Thought: Happiness is always around us, and requires nothing but acceptance of what is. Today I allow myself to see happiness inside myself and all around me. Many people see happiness outside of themselves. They can only be happy if their favorite show plays out the way they want it to. They can only... Continue Reading →

My perfect imperfections are…

Centering Thought: No one can escape flaws and imperfections. My perfect imperfections are wondrous. Today I embrace myself, flaws and all. I kinda want to kick the person who decided flaws and imperfections were bad things. These perfect imperfections make us who we are and give us character. I am refusing to think the Universe... Continue Reading →

If you want…

Centering Thought: If you want change, be the cause. Today I act. I have a bad habit of staying in bad situations until I'm forced to make moves. It mainly happens at work where I am pretty much worked until I'm crying over the stress and amount of work I do, but I also hold... Continue Reading →

Dharma Day Lessons

Yesterday was Dharma Day celebrating the first sermon given by The Buddha in which he revealed the "ultimate truth" and the path to enlightenment. This day is celebrated on the full moon in July and is used to give offerings, study the Dharma, and deepen practitioners┬áspirituality. I worked a double shift and had hoped to... Continue Reading →

The quieter…

Centering Thought: The quieter you become, the more you hear. Today I use silence to hear the Universe. Lately, silence keeps coming into my Universe via memes, books, and even television shows. I'm getting the hint that I talk too much but also I have something to learn just but being calm, still, and quiet.... Continue Reading →

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