What our senses consume…

Centering Thought:  What we consume through our other senses is just as important as what we consume through the mouth. Today I consume with thought and mindfulness In Buddhism, the Fifth Mindfulness Training helps us to consider everything we consume, and it's usefulness to our body and our practice. We know what we eat fuels... Continue Reading →


Are the dots real or Placebo?

This week has been one where I see the Universe working. It seems everywhere I turn, many of the issues and questions I have for both immediate problem resolution but also I'm finding the Universe seems to want to answer the big issues holding back my spiritual growth. All this feels and is amazing but... Continue Reading →

Catalyst Life

Finding one's spiritual path later in life can be overwhelming, as is finding anything that involves work and dedication; however, for me I am about to juggle college in my thirties, trying to stay clean, and increasing my Buddhist practice. I personally am overwhelmed. Those three things are just a portion of my 2017 goals... Continue Reading →

To be a child again

I've always wondered what it would be like to go back to about fifth or sixth grade, with all the knowledge of how the world works I've obtained currently. Would I follow the same path that created what I'm very happy with now? Would I keep the good and just improve on the difficult times... Continue Reading →

Destiny Interference

It surprises many when I talk about having a destiny and finally realizing what it is. I've had so many tough times, losing everything and on the verge of suicide, that to believe in destiny with my track record seems like lunacy; but I do. When you are down and out, you look for signs... Continue Reading →

Giving me a Break

There is so much magic in the air for 2015. I can't even count how many of my friends are moving forward in this amazing way which I attribute to 2015 being the year of growth and progress. For myself, I have been doing very well, but like anyone trying to break old patterns and... Continue Reading →

In it But not Of it

Before I came to Buddhism, I was raised in the Baptist faith. I wont discuss why I didn't feel at home, as I am a believer that all faiths come from the same source just dressed up in different names and procedural rituals. I often times find principles and themes of Christianity that mirror those... Continue Reading →

Bad Press: My HIV Experience

I have never been one to shy away from talking about my HIV status.  I'm a Virgo and like most we enjoy facts and knowledge. I'm not the type to come to tears unless there is good reason, and the information I researched and was informed of from friends who were HIV positive, doctors and... Continue Reading →

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