The “Should” Game

I recently took some time off from my blog to recharge and relax. As much as I want to call it a mini-vacation, I really just didn't have a desire to write. Sure other things were going on in my life that caused my enthusiasm to write to wane but really I just wanted a break(... Continue Reading →


The Universe Gives

The other day I had plans to hang around town with a good friend of mine as he waited for his car to get inspected. I have my morning routine of meditation, writing this blog, yoga, and a couple other things, as I am most productive in the early morning hours. Knowing he and I... Continue Reading →

Fresh Fruit

Ever since I was child I wanted to be a writer. It was an odd choice for me because I never enjoyed reading and received average marks in all of my English classes up until high school. I recall in middle school having an idea for a novel that was a play off The Neverending... Continue Reading →

Its a hit BUT is it ART

This idea of art is a tricky one, but simple. If something is created from an idea and put to paper, metal, music, or film then its art. For artist of all formats, we understand that basic principle; but the word art hasn't carried that meaning in a while. I can myself admit to considering... Continue Reading →

Toast at Midnight

It is December 31st and the year is coming to a close. It's the time of year most people break out their party clothes, rush to the nearest house party or club, and ring in the next year with pomp and circumstance. It's tradition and it's inevitable. I've already made my plans for the evening... Continue Reading →

Week Two of Redemption

Well week two is complete and while again very slow(I'm not in a rush), I'm making more progress. Without putting all of my business out there so quickly, I did a lot of housekeeping.  The ex love has completely erased himself from my life.  He deleted me from facebook after I decided I was not... Continue Reading →

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