I am a child of Spirit!

You can't choose where inspiration comes from and the inspiration for this post came while watching Shahs of Sunset on Bravo. The show is composed of Persian men and women who are Jewish and Muslim living in Los Angelas as friends going through this life with all its struggles and blessings. The particular situation that... Continue Reading →


Today I Think…

Centering Thought: As a Virgo, it's hard for me to quiet my mind and just be. But as a Buddhist, I see the incredible value to my mind when I can give it a rest. Today I think less to recharge my mind. The decisions we have to make in a given day are endless,... Continue Reading →

Today I move…

Centering Thought: We all are a force of nature, but sometimes we forget the thunder within. Today I move confidently on my path. People sometimes look down on those who need self-help books and inspirational memes to get centered and remember the strength they have always had inside. I applaudĀ those who know they need a... Continue Reading →

I’m not scared of hardship anymore.

Most of what I write concerns getting beyond the difficult times in my life to discover the hidden strength to make it to the next chapter. I'd always been disappointed with self-help books, and stories of success because they always gave the end result, not the journey. My goal has always been to record my... Continue Reading →

I give my attention…

Centering Thought: As my attention and energy become one, I find balance and strength in self. Today, I give my attention to those things that are important to my journey. As much as we hate to admit it, our lives rise and fall with what we give attention and effort to. We have a limitless... Continue Reading →

Today I Unplug and…

Centering Thought: "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few moments." Today I unplug and start fresh.   I'd like to send everyone off into the weekend with something short and sweet. The weekends are generally used as a recharge after a 9-5 Monday thru Friday. As many people still work... Continue Reading →

The push Forward I needed!

One of the hardest statements to make to people is, " everything happens for a reason". Being spiritual, I believe that statement to be true because I have real life experience that proves it to be so. However, many people see it as being an optimist while reality is nothing more than a series of... Continue Reading →

Encourage others to…

Centering Thought: It's amazing what can be realized to us when we serve and are there for others. Today I encourage others to stay on their path. Every so often it's a good idea to get out of our heads and escape in service of others. I can't tell you how many times I have... Continue Reading →

My perfect imperfections are…

Centering Thought: No one can escape flaws and imperfections. My perfect imperfections are wondrous. Today I embrace myself, flaws and all. I kinda want to kick the person who decided flaws and imperfections were bad things. These perfect imperfections make us who we are and give us character. I am refusing to think the Universe... Continue Reading →

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