My Gay Community: Not letting their reality be my own.

Confession time. This will be another post that has some insider information about the gay community that isn't too glowing. I make it a rule not to speak about unpleasant things, unless the goal is to educate to fix minds and hearts, or its to put down practical advice on how to well, fix it.... Continue Reading →


Boys don’t cry, Men Do

Life is hard. I wish I could make it easier for everyone out there, but life and living are filled with hardships that must be overcome if one is to continue on and thrive. What makes things hard isn't life itself, but those living in it that think they know best for all. This goes... Continue Reading →

Don’t Speak, Just Message Me

I barely go out to the gay bars. After a certain age, it lost it's magic for me especially since I am more about being sober than the latest Madonna song being played eight times in one night. When I do go it's usual with a few friends that are just wanting to dance and... Continue Reading →

Hold up and just hold me.

I'm a such a weird little gay. I've done the extreme sex rampage; jumping into threesomes, groups, orgies, and S&M ( I can still be Buddhist and get mine since I am not a monk ). And I've gone through moments of no sex, not even self pleasure going on for weeks and months. During... Continue Reading →

Bad Press: My HIV Experience

I have never been one to shy away from talking about my HIV status.  I'm a Virgo and like most we enjoy facts and knowledge. I'm not the type to come to tears unless there is good reason, and the information I researched and was informed of from friends who were HIV positive, doctors and... Continue Reading →


I found myself having a conversation with a friend about making friends. My friend is in a wonderful three year relationship and finds making strictly friends in the gay world all but impossible. The problem becomes compounded when you live in an area without a gay epicenter, leaving the only option in meeting other gay... Continue Reading →

Stop Drooling

My two most popular posts are Man loving Thug and Animal Soup. Not because they are overly deep or well written, but simply because they feature photos ripped from online to illustrate the point I wanted to make.  When a person searches for images such as those on the two posts, they find my site... Continue Reading →

Spreadable Like Peanut Butter

This is a salute to the easy. The men and women who love to please(some more successful than others) and don't charge for it. The men and women that you don't have to buy dinner, flowers or even tell your real name to get their cookies. Their legs are easier to spread than peanut butter... Continue Reading →

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