Today I travel…

Centering Thought: As the Buddha taught the middle way, I know all things are possible with balance and mindfulness. Today I travel the middle way. The middle way is a founding principle in Buddhism and was revealed to the Buddha after pushes his practice to a dangerous and unhealthy limit on his way to enlightenment.... Continue Reading →


Today I give…

Centering Thought: It takes nothing away from you to give out compliments to friends and people who aren't your friends yet, but it can bring joy to you and the recipient. Today I give compliments freely.   Some people feel in showing kindness, you are also opening yourself up to being used and taken advantage... Continue Reading →

On this Pride month…

Centering Thought: All the colors are needed to make a rainbow. Today I will continue to keep diversity and openness front of mind.     I love Pride month, not only because I too am a gay male, but the energy of this month is just dynamic and incredibly. Pride is about showing who you... Continue Reading →

Living is…

Centering Thought: Today I am in the business of Living.   I've written before about surviving and living. I keep coming across people that are just trying to make it through this thing called life, but where is the enjoyment? As hard as things are and can get, living shouldn't be all work or even... Continue Reading →

My place in the world is…

Centering Thought: Today I accept my place in the world. For a while, I resented the position I felt my friends put me in. I was the one making sure I could drive everyone home safely when out late. I was the one making sure things were planned out, so not to forget anything. I... Continue Reading →

Catalyst Life

Finding one's spiritual path later in life can be overwhelming, as is finding anything that involves work and dedication; however, for me I am about to juggle college in my thirties, trying to stay clean, and increasing my Buddhist practice. I personally am overwhelmed. Those three things are just a portion of my 2017 goals... Continue Reading →

To be a child again

I've always wondered what it would be like to go back to about fifth or sixth grade, with all the knowledge of how the world works I've obtained currently. Would I follow the same path that created what I'm very happy with now? Would I keep the good and just improve on the difficult times... Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Right

I honestly feel like these thoughts came out of nowhere. It was 7:30 in the morning and the last thing I saw on television was The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which poked fun at Joe Biden and the recent revelation that news anchors lie and pad their war coverage resume (everyone pads their resume... Continue Reading →

I was not your friend Yesterday.

This post is one of the few where I am pretty much venting to work through my personal dramas. I never go into situations wanting to be unkind but it's going to be hard with this subject. It really boils down to my frustration with those that only remember your name when they need something.... Continue Reading →

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