A Black Buddhist walked into a bar.

I am no longer as shocked today as I used to be when other's look at me oddly after learning about my practice. It seems like following a Buddhist path while living as an African American male is odd. In truth, I was raised Baptist, and while I have an affinity for the Christian faith,... Continue Reading →


My Buddhist Prayer for Peace

Our nation has yet again been subjected to the fear and ignorance of hate. There is no real logic, no real justification, and no real argument for taking lives based on something so simple and insignificant as the color of ones skin. I say "real" because in the minds of those that discriminate, they have... Continue Reading →

All Boxes

I woke up this morning and didn't feel like writing. It was very gloomy outside, raining and pretty chilly in my house. I decided to read a little, hoping to find some inspiration and the strength to create and it came to me. The book I was reading is by Deepak Chopra called " The... Continue Reading →

Diversity Lie

I'm fully aware I'm a bit different than most people. It's funny even as I type that statement I automatically go back to thinking I'm not different at all; but I do look at the world with a perspective that isn't in line with the majority. One glaring but hidden notion came up as I... Continue Reading →

Black on Black Lie

In the wake of the non indictment reality we are currently facing, I feel it's time for me to weigh in with a bit more class and compassion than many others have, especially the news networks.  I have long stopped watching the news because I see a lack of real reporting going on.  I was... Continue Reading →

Not Black Enough???

This post comes after watching the movie Dear White People and the gay character Lionel Higgins (played by Tyler James Williams) was asked why he wasn't in the gay housing on campus, and why he stayed away from the black housing.  His answer echoed my own in the early years of my life; and if I'm... Continue Reading →

It’s not my Job

I was on Facebook when I saw a friend of mine mention he just had lunch at Chik fila. I wasn't sure if he knew so I decided to mention to him their public position opposing gay marriage.  He replied he knew but loved their food and his feelings that everyone is entitled to their... Continue Reading →

For my people

I'm a person that likes to associate with a diverse group of people.  I love to learn new customs, languages and perspectives on life. Lately I have been going out with a group White friends and I noticed versus my Black friends, race doesn't come up. It's an interesting dynamic that I only realized because of my... Continue Reading →

Half of what you want.

I had coffee with a new friend that I met online( hook up sites can be for friendship too), who was mixed African American and Asian.  I was reading an article on the lack of presence of people of color in the gay community.  Suddenly he mentioned an occasion when he tried to converse with... Continue Reading →

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