On this Pride month…

Centering Thought: All the colors are needed to make a rainbow. Today I will continue to keep diversity and openness front of mind.     I love Pride month, not only because I too am a gay male, but the energy of this month is just dynamic and incredibly. Pride is about showing who you... Continue Reading →


Friends Not Friends

Starting a friendship is probably one of the toughest things in the world to do. You have to learn that person's interest to see if there are enough mutual hobbies to sustain spending time and effort into building the friendship further. You have to witness their struggles to see what they are made of and... Continue Reading →

Living is…

Centering Thought: Today I am in the business of Living.   I've written before about surviving and living. I keep coming across people that are just trying to make it through this thing called life, but where is the enjoyment? As hard as things are and can get, living shouldn't be all work or even... Continue Reading →

Love wants…

Centering Thought: Love wants to be given. Today I decide to express the blessings loving with intent will bring.   With all we do to connect with others, love seems to be seen as harder than ever to give and receive. The lack of faith in other people's intentions, causes many to recoil right before... Continue Reading →

New Patterns of…

Centering Thought: Today I will decide to create new patterns of healing and no longer to choose without intent.     It's important to look at our choices and what they do for us in the long run. Often times we think fun means forgetting what has been working in our lives that uplift us... Continue Reading →

Contentment is NOT Death

As humans, it seems we are always being told to be happy. We are told the road to happiness takes us to the mall, to fame, to that nice gated neighborhood, and to the insides of his or her pants at the bar( or app). We are taught through experience happiness fades, but happiness can... Continue Reading →

A moment of Stillness

This past weekend, snow fell in my area. I'm not the biggest fan of snow because I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather (even though I love a scarf.) Another reason I dislike snow is its ability to stop everything. The area rushed to the grocery store as if it was the End of... Continue Reading →

Crusade for Self Love

I recently wrote a piece on Loving them from afar, about the need to sever close ties with someone who no longer adds to your life, and you to theirs. I received mostly positive praise but like anything some negative feelings arose that I wanted to discuss. I had those that felt the idea was... Continue Reading →

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