The BEST thing you can ever do…

Centering Thought: The best thing you can ever do is to BELIEVE in Yourself. Today I truly trust and BELIEVE in myself. Lately, I have felt others have been trying to turn me into someone I don't feel I am. I've felt I had been pretty up front with my likes and idiosyncrasies, as well... Continue Reading →


On this Pride month…

Centering Thought: All the colors are needed to make a rainbow. Today I will continue to keep diversity and openness front of mind.     I love Pride month, not only because I too am a gay male, but the energy of this month is just dynamic and incredibly. Pride is about showing who you... Continue Reading →

Love wants…

Centering Thought: Love wants to be given. Today I decide to express the blessings loving with intent will bring.   With all we do to connect with others, love seems to be seen as harder than ever to give and receive. The lack of faith in other people's intentions, causes many to recoil right before... Continue Reading →

My words are out of LOVE

I've been in love three times. I feel lucky to have had love even once let alone three times. Each time, the feelings I had were different. The intensity was varied, the passion was hit or miss, and the duration of our love wasn't that of romance novels. Nonetheless, I loved three times, and each... Continue Reading →

Its not him, it really is you.

Ok, the title is a little harsher than I tend to be, but I feel it's important to just be blunt and honest. So often after a break up, many will go to their friends for comfort and reassurance they weren't to blame for the end of a relationship. I myself have taken part in... Continue Reading →

Love on Tap

I would have to dig deep into my cerebral cortex to recall a real date let alone a true boyfriend. It isn't that I don't enjoy dating or am too busy, but I currently have a desire to do it in the best way that works for me. So I took the time to look at the... Continue Reading →

Boys don’t cry, Men Do

Life is hard. I wish I could make it easier for everyone out there, but life and living are filled with hardships that must be overcome if one is to continue on and thrive. What makes things hard isn't life itself, but those living in it that think they know best for all. This goes... Continue Reading →

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