Friends Not Friends

Starting a friendship is probably one of the toughest things in the world to do. You have to learn that person's interest to see if there are enough mutual hobbies to sustain spending time and effort into building the friendship further. You have to witness their struggles to see what they are made of and... Continue Reading →


I’m NOT your Doormat

An interesting thing happened on my way to the Dharma. I know the power people put on the meaning of words( I am a writer of course). I understand defining things is how people make decisions and asset risk and other things during the course of their lives. But I also know the dangers of... Continue Reading →

Is Respect nothing more than Ego?

I try not to make it so obvious when I write about situations that happen with my friends, but I'm pretty sure this friend will know immediately this blog is about him. However, I'm not really writing about what happened between us as much as I'm trying to understand this need for respect. As I... Continue Reading →

That’s Your Interruption

I've always known words have power. If it wasn't true, people wouldn't care what names there were called and arguments wouldn't arise from things said out of anger. But recently I have seen a few words casually thrown around by people that I don't feel have a good grasp on their meaning, giving them a... Continue Reading →

Keep Your God-Complex to Yourself

The title here is pretty strong, but I'm in an interesting head space here. I'm someone who enjoys paying attention. I observe behavior to improve my understanding of people, mostly to understand motives as to assist those looking for my brand of counsel. I also use skills learned through my Buddhist practice to make adjustments... Continue Reading →

To Reconcile a Friendship.

It's okay to "lose" a fight to gain back your loved ones. Ego and pride always have us yelling louder to be heard but sometimes one can deafen another with silence. As I am WOKE, I have to accept what those closest to me present of themselves if I am to keep them in my lives.

I’m sorry BUT…

I'm not one who can't admit when I'm wrong. Sometimes I need some prodding and pulling, but I find my way to the apology if only to transition to a new situation. While an apology can work wonders in healing wounds, and repairing lost connections, an apology alone tends to be ineffective if the underlying... Continue Reading →

Its not him, it really is you.

Ok, the title is a little harsher than I tend to be, but I feel it's important to just be blunt and honest. So often after a break up, many will go to their friends for comfort and reassurance they weren't to blame for the end of a relationship. I myself have taken part in... Continue Reading →

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