The push Forward I needed!

One of the hardest statements to make to people is, " everything happens for a reason". Being spiritual, I believe that statement to be true because I have real life experience that proves it to be so. However, many people see it as being an optimist while reality is nothing more than a series of... Continue Reading →


I’m rolling with the punches for now!

The title might make one feel this is more of a defeatist post than it really is, but full disclosure I had a few weeks I did feel defeated. Along with writing this blog, I have a full-time job that turned into working every day for the last month twelve hour days. Needless to say,... Continue Reading →

The more we can witness…

Centering Thought: The more we can witness our experiences without judgment, less suffering will be present. Today I judge myself less. It is always said we are our worse critics. I feel we only judge ourselves because of how we judge others secretly. We feel others must be doing the same things so we no... Continue Reading →

The BEST thing you can ever do…

Centering Thought: The best thing you can ever do is to BELIEVE in Yourself. Today I truly trust and BELIEVE in myself. Lately, I have felt others have been trying to turn me into someone I don't feel I am. I've felt I had been pretty up front with my likes and idiosyncrasies, as well... Continue Reading →

What our senses consume…

Centering Thought: ¬†What we consume through our other senses is just as important as what we consume through the mouth. Today I consume with thought and mindfulness In Buddhism, the Fifth Mindfulness Training helps us to consider everything we consume, and it's usefulness to our body and our practice. We know what we eat fuels... Continue Reading →

I am Overwhelmed but…

Centering Thought: I am overwhelmed. I allow my emotions to run wild too much. Today I care for my insides better. I am someone ruled by my emotions. It doesn't help my moon is in Aquarius, which puts me as an outsider a lot. I don't want to get into astrology but I see my... Continue Reading →

Not an angry person, Just Disappointed.

Lately, I have been taking care to follow my emotions wherever they lead. Most have already guessed things have become very complicated. While I can say I am learning my triggers for joy, sadness, and frustration, I've also noticed everything seems to put me in a very angry state. Naturally, I have begun to look... Continue Reading →

Learning to listen to others…

Centering Thought: Learning to listen to others can really help transform the energy of anger and suffering within yourself. Today I will practice compassionate listening. In life, it seems most are waiting to speak, and for sure waiting to defend themselves. It never really feels like each party is really being heard and the conversation... Continue Reading →

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