My words are out of LOVE

I've been in love three times. I feel lucky to have had love even once let alone three times. Each time, the feelings I had were different. The intensity was varied, the passion was hit or miss, and the duration of our love wasn't that of romance novels. Nonetheless, I loved three times, and each... Continue Reading →


You need that reaction? Aggression is not Passion.

I feel I am a passionate person. I give my all to friends and family, and of course to the one I am dating. I show them all they are special by calling, remembering important milestones in their lives, and by being present when it counts. I am even the type to go the extra... Continue Reading →

Its not him, it really is you.

Ok, the title is a little harsher than I tend to be, but I feel it's important to just be blunt and honest. So often after a break up, many will go to their friends for comfort and reassurance they weren't to blame for the end of a relationship. I myself have taken part in... Continue Reading →

Love on Tap

I would have to dig deep into my cerebral cortex to recall a real date let alone a true boyfriend. It isn't that I don't enjoy dating or am too busy, but I currently have a desire to do it in the best way that works for me. So I took the time to look at the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Speak, Just Message Me

I barely go out to the gay bars. After a certain age, it lost it's magic for me especially since I am more about being sober than the latest Madonna song being played eight times in one night. When I do go it's usual with a few friends that are just wanting to dance and... Continue Reading →

Lost Friend

A relationship is a beautiful thing. It's so hard to make things work with two competing personalities trying to merge and become one, it's just special and a blessing to see and be a part of. If you are the one on the outside looking in as your friends begin the journey, it's easy to... Continue Reading →

Lost Art: Flirting

I have decided as tradition fades from our society, I need to continue to bring light to the issues facing traditions regarding love. I previously wrote a piece on the Lost Art of dating, but it dawned on me I skipped over the basic foot in the door process called flirting. It really only came... Continue Reading →

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