I will attain…

Centering Thought: Since my emotions are within my control, and inner peace can not be found with my emotions out of control, I will attain inner peace by respecting and being mindful of my emotions.


I don’t usually pick memes that summarize my perspective so well but this time I did. I’m someone who allows my emotions to run a muck. As my moon is in the house of Aquarius, I’m a pretty emotional person already, but I used to run from emotions that made me feel anything other than happy or angry. I didn’t know I had receptors that had me receiving other people’s emotions and energy even without them saying a thing to me. Some would say I could be an empath, others say I’m just observant and emotional. In any case, running from feelings all day every day was causing me to stick with the most extreme of them, anger. My inner peace now comes from understanding each emotion that arises and giving them the respect of compassion.

As you go through your day, recognize we all react to people and things around us, but our reaction is within our power, and that reaction is the difference between peace and war.

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