Today I Think…

Centering Thought: As a Virgo, it’s hard for me to quiet my mind and just be. But as a Buddhist, I see the incredible value to my mind when I can give it a rest. Today I think less to recharge my mind.


The decisions we have to make in a given day are endless, from what route to take to work, how to impress the boss, and whether or not we turned the iron off. Even when it’s not as serious as burning the house down, we always have something on our mind that keeps us from just being in the moment. But most of what comes to us has to be thought about and analyzed so we can be productive in life. What sense does it really make not to think? What Buddhism teaches is, we think too much ahead of when we really need to. We create anxiety and stress being too preemptive and really haven’t trained our minds to be sharp on the spot. Meditation is a great tool not only to give our minds a rest but to train it with all the knowledge and experiences we have. We also will be able to tap into the Universe that flows through us, giving us wisdom from the ages.

As you go through your day, consider how much overtime you are putting your mind through and if it’s paying off. Take some time to retrain how you exercise one of the greatest tools we have.

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