Today I move…

Centering Thought: We all are a force of nature, but sometimes we forget the thunder within. Today I move confidently on my path.

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People sometimes look down on those who need self-help books and inspirational memes to get centered and remember the strength they have always had inside. I applaud those who know they need a bit more of a boost to tap into the elements in their spirit that will take them across the finish line of life. We are all made up of the same things, but some of us have lost the ability to pull from these resources at will, but a kind word, a great meme, and a good book can help us regain the confidence to move along the wonderful and wondrous path that was created just for us.

As you go through your day, remember your strength. Remember you were put here to be wondrous and all you need is always right at your fingertips. Confidence in self and in purpose will never let you down.

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