I give my attention…

Centering Thought: As my attention and energy become one, I find balance and strength in self. Today, I give my attention to those things that are important to my journey.


As much as we hate to admit it, our lives rise and fall with what we give attention and effort to. We have a limitless amount of energy at our fingertips but many of us put a majority of what is available into things that only keep us standing still instead of riding the wave towards our full potential.  I honestly can say, it’s not our fault in the beginning stages of life as the only way we knew how to navigate this world was to follow the examples of everyone we who seemed knowledgeable. However, as adults, we are able to decide what continues to serve us and cast away what is not bringing us the peace and success we are looking for.

As you continue on your day, take a moment to evaluate what in your life no longer moves you forward and what truly needs your attention and energy. It might take longer than a moment but once you are done you will see how much energy you truly have to be your best self.

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