Day one of…

Centering Thought:  Effort, intent, and drive are what’s needed to bring your dreams to fruition. Today is the start of bringing better habits to my life.

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I used to participate in Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day meditation challenge. Being honest, I never make it through with each day complete or a habit of daily meditation. I can even go back to when I was a “regular” at the gym. I would set up 90-day programs and usually only stayed with it for 2 months. When I think more about other new habits and my practice, I see effort and drive are what I lack in really bringing all my dreams to life. For some reason, I feel a big shift in the energy the Universe wants everyone to be paying attention to. I for one plan to make the most of my awareness and day one of my new effort, clear intent, and increased drive starts today.

As you go about your day, consider what new habits you would like to bring to your life, and what was missing as to why other habits weren’t able to hold as much as you would have hoped. Don’t wait until New Year’s to create your New Life.

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