The push Forward I needed!

One of the hardest statements to make to people is, ” everything happens for a reason”. Being spiritual, I believe that statement to be true because I have real life experience that proves it to be so. However, many people see it as being an optimist while reality is nothing more than a series of roadblocks, loss, and disappointment. red-arrow-push-white-d-man-forward-35167805 I have news for you, it’s both, but the tough struggles are planned, and with perspective and faith, they will bring you closer to the freedom that doesn’t have you attached to the negative side of the coin toss, and moving forward as the Universe intended.

So that was a pretty lofty opening statement but in my experience, all the turbulence has pushed me into making different and more healthy decisions for my present and future. I have begun to look at my reactions to setbacks and saw each one brought me such pain until I decided to move on and turn things around in my favor. I decided to use the struggles as lessons, and find ways to reduce the feelings of doubt, disillusion, and distrust in the path I feel has been shown to me. I’ve decided I’m waiting too long for something outside of me to save the day and clear the clouds that have formed to rain on my sunny life. Reality isn’t good or bad, it just is, and once I decided no longer to fight reality, forward was the only way to go.

This year seems to be all about pushing. I felt 2016 was about loss. We lost so many people that we looked up to and who brought us joy from the world of entertainment. For me, I lost family and friends throughout the year, a long with quitting a job after signs showed me it was long overdue, and I lost my practice. I have friends that curse 2016 and as much as I used to be right there with them, this year has shown me I can’t just curse and do nothing. Struggle-StrengthThis year is about action, which I was doing at a decent pace, but this year seems to also be about no nonsense action, which I hate to admit I was slow to come to.

The Universe seems to be in a rage about the state of things. I was getting a sense the lack of forward moment, the waiting, the slight uptick in make or break situations had to be for a reason. While there was heartbreak and loss last year, this year’s heartbreak and loss of friendships seem to be needed. Deciding to just look back to evaluate my part in things and find meaning, I’ve found I saw and knew what needed to be long before the energy erupted to the point the Universe decided to step in. I’ve always said the Universe wants forward movement and the best for everyone. The Universe wants order and has the power to make it happen, but also gives us the freedom to endure if we truly want to go the opposite direction. I can tell you from personal experience (many of which are laid out in many different posts), going against the Universe isn’t at all fun.

So this year is about accepting what is and moving in the direction that makes life worth living for me. I’m not wallowing in hurt and agony of the hard times. NotaTreeI’m making them work for me by taking the lessons that are present always and making practical moves to stay on my path as I make stronger and more deliberate strides towards my purpose. It is me being the optimist I have always been, but I’m currently seeing what staying stuck in the funk of life’s down cycle can do to a person’s drive and outlook. I’m seeing friends and loved ones succumb to the push the Universe feels is needed this year.  I’d like to invite you to see things my way. Try to accept more, talk less, and do more towards a happy outcome that seems unavailable to you. I no longer accept I have to struggle or be defeated.  I know I can because when I decided to I always do.

If you are feeling the push from the Universe, comment below so others can be encouraged by your progress. Like with the star below and share on your social media sites. The Universe wants us to win. Let’s’ win together.





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