Today I allow…

Centering Thought: Happiness is always around us, and requires nothing but acceptance of what is. Today I allow myself to see happiness inside myself and all around me.


Many people see happiness outside of themselves. They can only be happy if their favorite show plays out the way they want it to. They can only be happy if they are in a romantic relationship. They can only be happy if they have a certain amount of money. Well, I want to ask if they can be happy without all of those things and if not, how can we change that? Happiness doesn’t require anything but an end to craving and wanting. When you realize happiness starts with perspective and within, happiness begins to be on tap.

As you go through your day, be mindful of the source of your own happiness. Does it come from within, or are you still searching outside of yourself? Is your happiness in things and others or can you manifest happiness with nothing more than a breath?

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