My perfect imperfections are…

Centering Thought: No one can escape flaws and imperfections. My perfect imperfections are wondrous. Today I embrace myself, flaws and all.

asset (5)

I kinda want to kick the person who decided flaws and imperfections were bad things. These perfect imperfections make us who we are and give us character. I am refusing to think the Universe made a mistake with me. Even with all the things I have allowed media and outside forces to put in my head, I’m deciding to accept how the Universe made me. The Universe made me to be of service, to be this height, this weight, and this nose( not thrilled with the nose.  Thanks, Dad).  The Universe made me able to see where change is positive and pushing me to reach my full potential.

As you go through your day, look at your perfect imperfections and know you are amazing just as you are. Anything that needs adjustment is in line with the plan the Universe has for you. Believe in self and purpose.

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