I’m rolling with the punches for now!

The title might make one feel this is more of a defeatist post than it really is, but full disclosure I had a few weeks I did feel defeated. Along with writing this blog, I have a full-time job that turned into working every day for the last month twelve hour days. Needless to say, things got a bit stressful causing my blog to suffer without post most of the last week.blog-plan-a That will not do for me and since I can’t quit working, I needed to find balance and assure more control so I reduce my stress and continue being the Phoenix I have become. So while I’m no longer defeated, things are changing and that change begins and ends with me.

A lot of times I mention turning negatives into positives. So can see that as accepting the hard times to the point of no longer believing things will improve. I, myself, have been trapped in that mentality more times than I care to share, but every time I find I had more control than I realized. Things only happen and continue to happen due to our belief we can’t take our destiny into our own hands. Making lemonade is deciding to own ones’ strength, and creating the new narrative in our own words, just as rolling with the punches means being still in the match, working on foot work and waiting for the right moment to strike ( I might be gay and Buddhist but I enjoy sports too).

The biggest obstacle to our success and happiness is belief, or the lack thereof. Many people have agreed with the narrative only a few can be happy, only a few can succeed, and only a few deserve it.  We clearly listened to our high school bullies too much, so much, in fact, it now affects our lives going forwards. We clearly listened to marketing and advertising that said we need certain things outside of our will and ourselves to make life the way we want and the Universe wants. atitudeWe have accepted other people’s truths as our own, halting any momentum towards the end game that has been set for us. We have to wake up and decided getting hit and knocked down doesn’t have to be the end of it.

I put a lot of faith in a destiny I feel is made for me. What I don’t say is, while I believe my life is mapped out, I don’t believe there is one road to follow. I also don’t believe a great life has to deal with the number of people you help, or how large your footprint is. I know I have helped and continue to help others. That brings me the most joy. I used to want to be Deepak Chropa and touch millions as he does, but I am just trying to be me and touch those I can that want what I have to offer and so far it’s been amazing. My ups and downs have a purpose, and while it can be hard, I get back up each time because I believe in myself, my purpose, and the strength within. This wasn’t always the case so never feel because you aren’t there yet, you can’t get there.

What is missing is the drive and the passion? Most are stuck working 9-5, sometimes much much longer, and with that, they lose what makes them passionate about life and living. We are just rolling with the punches not thinking of a counter move to actually win at living. While I don’t have many answers, I know one is to believe and make moves. You can’t win if you stop fighting, and fighting doesn’t have to be hard, physical, or with someone else losing. We are fighting old energies, and our learning defeatist nature.Dreams We are fighting doubt and complacency and with clear belief and intent, the fight is won before it starts, no matter how many rounds there are.

My rolling with the punches is me accepting the situation for what it is, but not accepting limitations for what can be sooner rather than later. My rolling with the punches has my mind and my spirit in sync to make my counter attack and bring balance and peace back to my life. My rolling with the punches is strength in the face of an opponent who just got me all wrong but who will accept and appreciate with my hand is raised in victory.

Today let’s make a promise to be kind to ourselves and believe in the Universe within. Share this article on your social media sites, like with the star and comment with your perspective and journey below.



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