If you want…

Centering Thought: If you want change, be the cause. Today I act.


I have a bad habit of staying in bad situations until I’m forced to make moves. It mainly happens at work where I am pretty much worked until I’m crying over the stress and amount of work I do, but I also hold onto people in my personal life well after I see they aren’t as healthy for my life as they maybe once were. It truly seems from being hopeful things will get better, but I know a bigger part that I had to admit is I don’t like to start over. I am willing to stay in unhealthy situations until they either end this torment for me, or something else comes along with little or no effort on my part. Well, that all stops today. It’s time to take more control of my life, creating my own opportunities for happiness and joy, without it all falling down before I act.

As you go through your day, consider how much of a passenger you are in your own life. Decide to act on your passions, and live a life that is true to your journey and ending suffering where you can.

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