Today I give…

Centering Thought: It takes nothing away from you to give out compliments to friends and people who aren’t your friends yet, but it can bring joy to you and the recipient. Today I give compliments freely.

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Some people feel in showing kindness, you are also opening yourself up to being used and taken advantage of by others. I feel if those situations happen, they are too rare to not spread love and kindness at every opportunity. We have all received a compliment at a time when we probably weren’t in the best mind space but that single act turned our whole day and mood around. Wouldn’t it be nice to be that person changing the spirit of others in a good way?

As we go along our day and into the weekend, let’s consider the centering thought and put it into action. Let’s be the new movement that expresses kindness and gives compliments for no reason but because we can.

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