The BEST thing you can ever do…

Centering Thought: The best thing you can ever do is to BELIEVE in Yourself. Today I truly trust and BELIEVE in myself.


Lately, I have felt others have been trying to turn me into someone I don’t feel I am. I’ve felt I had been pretty up front with my likes and idiosyncrasies, as well as my passion for being considerate and empathetic in my life. It has been almost devastating to not have the support and understanding I thought was present in those closest to me. Like many would in this situation, I began to doubt my path and purpose. I began to doubt who I felt and still feel I am inside. Once that happens, a recalibration is needed. We all know who we are deep inside and it’s always beautiful. Sometimes the drama and ways you see in others are really them fighting against their true nature. What we truly are witnessing is the battle within. When that is known, that is where compassion and understanding are needed.

As you go about your day, consider your awesomeness. No one was made wrong but often times we aren’t living the life that truly will bring us bliss. So today I say believe in your beauty and let your light shine.

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