Sometimes all a person wants…

Centering thought: Sometimes all a person wants is to be seen and appreciated for the spirit and energy that looks good on them. Today I will express gratitude to others for being themselves.


I tell people often if you want to be 100% yourself, expect a lot of hard times. We live in a world we share will billions of people and billions of personalities, wants and desires. If everyone indulges in themselves without considering others, clashes are guaranteed to happen, hence many arguments and wars by other countries exerting their will and ideals on others. But we what I have found is 100% of yourself can be expressed in many circumstances and usually with people willing to see you without judgment and when there is give and take on them being 100% themselves. When there is such respect for another, naturally the sharp edges fade and the beauty of the human experience becomes more apparent and available.

As you go through your day, consider how you express who you are. Is your expression of dominance, casting a big shadow upon other people’s experience? Or is it welcoming of differences and open to sharing this thing we call life? Share your thoughts in the comment section and like with the big star.



What's your thoughts?

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