What our senses consume…

Centering Thought:  What we consume through our other senses is just as important as what we consume through the mouth. Today I consume with thought and mindfulness


In Buddhism, the Fifth Mindfulness Training helps us to consider everything we consume, and it’s usefulness to our body and our practice. We know what we eat fuels our day but we are also fueled by what we hear, see, touch, and smell. We make decisions based on all the experiences we have in a day, and some are unconsciously formed due to previous experiences that have taken root without us being aware. As I’ve been watching reality television, and then had a Love and Hip Hop yelling match the other day, I know I am not focused on the Fifth Mindfulness Training as I should be. I knew the potential was always there but I can’t underestimate the effects of seeing these images and situations play out to high rates and enjoyment.

As you go through your day, consider the centering thought and what you can change to make sure your senses are consuming more nurturing things. Like this post by clicking the star and share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below.



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