Learning to listen to others…

Centering Thought: Learning to listen to others can really help transform the energy of anger and suffering within yourself. Today I will practice compassionate listening.


In life, it seems most are waiting to speak, and for sure waiting to defend themselves. It never really feels like each party is really being heard and the conversation is productive and transformative and things only move along after someone is at their wit’s end and concedes just to move along. But if there are friendship and love, both parties should leave a discussion, debate, and an argument feeling like they were at least heard even if the results aren’t in their favor the way they wanted. If there is friendship, no one wants to be right and win, and everyone is there for each other. Compassionate listening allows you to stop thinking about yourself so you may focus on the needs of the other person.

As you go through your day, consider how you listen to your loved ones and if there is a chance to improve for both your sakes. Share your experience with this practice today and pasted experiences that might have felt unfinished due to this skill not being in practice. Like and share with friends to help others on their journey.



What's your thoughts?

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