My place in the world is…

Centering Thought: Today I accept my place in the world.

asset (3)

For a while, I resented the position I felt my friends put me in. I was the one making sure I could drive everyone home safely when out late. I was the one making sure things were planned out, so not to forget anything. I was the responsible one. Well, I put myself in that position. None of my friends asked me to be detailed and forward thinking. I’m just that person who likes to take care of others and things to go as well as we can make it.

I’m mama bear and today I accept my role with my friends and family.

As you go through your day, consider the centering thought. Are you fighting against a position in life you feel really doesn’t fit who you are, but only because you don’t want to admit to yourself what your role is? Do you feel you can change things? Share your story in the comment section at the bottom, or like this post.



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