Are the dots real or Placebo?

This week has been one where I see the Universe working. It seems everywhere I turn, many of the issues and questions I have for both immediate problem resolution but also I’m finding the Universe seems to want to answer the big issues holding back my spiritual growth. All this feels and is amazing but I can’t help but wonder if I am seeing connections where there are none just to make myself feel better, or is that guiding hand and energy source really putting the pedal to the metal for my awakening?

photo courtesy of Buddha Doodles


I’m always one that if a placebo is working, no harm no foul. Life is hard enough as it is without us picking everything apart, especially those things that are benefiting us. I’m often times called a walking Fortune Cookie, due to the fortune cookie wisdom I drop from time to time, but also my ability to find joy and calm in the most mundane phrase and moment. A song can come on and I can find the answer to life in it, and for me, I think it’s awesome, but some find it to be graspy. Some can’t see where I find such optimizing and spirituality in something as simple as watching TV or a clever license plate. I must be honest, I have sometimes let their doubts wash away the Univeral lather I find myself able to bathe in at will. What if their doubts about the Universe caring about me are correct. Am I just making lemonade with fake lemons, convinced sour is sweet?

I believe the Universe like everything with direction and force is selfish. Selfish isn’t’ a bad thing, as this kind of selfish ( and my personal selfishness for the most part) works to the benefits of everyone. I believe the Universe wants order and whether we are paying attention or not, it will have it. The struggles we feel are because we are resistant to what must be in order for the energy around us to settle into its proper place. Don’t get hung up on words like order, proper, or selfish. The negative meanings for those words don’t apply here. What is in order, selfish and proper is specific to ones’ personal journey but the Universe( or God) knows and doesn’t really care you aren’t feelin’ it. Struggle lies there.

The other week, I had a very hard day at work. After work, I attempted to leave that energy there and do the evening up with my close friends. Before the day started I planned to come home wash my hair, have myself a glass of wine and just relax the day away.FeelItNow I don’t want to say the Universe ruined my fun because I know why things went left, the Universe, however, wasn’t interested in me maintaining the energy and headspace I was in. I also don’t think the Universe was really feeling me turning up as I was already still on 10 due to my work situation. Needless to say, my evening never got off the ground and I retired to my home, upset, hurt, and just wanting the next day and opportunity to arrive. The next morning I had one of the most connected days I’ve had in such a long time and I wouldn’t have had that if not for my total mental and emotional destruction that came before.

I have faith I’m being guided by my ancestors, my natural will and spirit, and the Universe that morning were it. I posed the question whether the Universe and the connections back to it and ones’ path was real, but I already have the answer for myself. I have seen the dots and they always connect to things I’d been thinking of for years, months, weeks, and hours, always giving me what I need even when it hurts. The Universe just is. Our path in life just is as well. The hardships in our path are man made including problems that arise that aren’t yours to start but collateral damage from others not being mindful and aware but that can change.

I posed the opening question and the answer is for you to explore. I will say, placebo or not, the Universe is inside you. It wants only to flow free and unobstructed. Look deep into how you block and alter the natural flow of energy to what makes you strong and happy. Look at your productive moments and maximize them. When the connections are there, don’t find it, flow with it and see where those dots take you. I do and it’s wonderful.

Do you believe in the dots from the Universe? Do you have a story to tell? Are you unconvinced and would like to share your thoughts? Leave a comment and let’s get a conversation started.




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