Spring Renewal

38677770-phoenix-wallpapersI first want to thank all of you who read and follow The Phoenix blog each week. Writing a blog isn’t as easy as one might think. If you have noticed, there are times it seemed like the overall theme of the blog shifted topics from dating to depression and drug addiction to surviving this thing we call life. More recently, each blog has centered on growth in all aspects of your life using Buddhist principles and other spiritual techniques to become your fullest self. For the most part, I write this blog to focus my energy as I, like the Phoenix, pull myself out of some hot spots I’ve encountered already in my short existence on this planet. With all that being said, this week I plan to overhaul the format of the blog. I’ll be giving it a different look and increasing content by adding not only a Thursday blog entry but a semi-daily (I need my weekends to recharge) short post to give you all added tools to speed up growth and feed the mind before your day even starts. So check back in two weeks and be prepared for more Phoenix fire.


What's your thoughts?

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