I’m still HERE

Every day is a new opportunity to grow and become who we feel we were meant to be. We absorb everything around us, using discernment to determine what to keep and use in our daily lives, and what has no real purpose and should be discarded right away. But sometimes we stumble in this process,... Continue Reading →


To Reconcile a Friendship.

It's okay to "lose" a fight to gain back your loved ones. Ego and pride always have us yelling louder to be heard but sometimes one can deafen another with silence. As I am WOKE, I have to accept what those closest to me present of themselves if I am to keep them in my lives.

Really!?!?! Namaste?!?!

The punchline is I get very mad when I hear people use Namaste┬áincorrectly. This isn't a new thing for me and against the principles of Buddhism to even care, but I do and the wonderful thing about having a blog is I can share my reasoning to masses (or the tens that read my blog).... Continue Reading →

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