Wanting to be the Exception. Why we turn away from our gut instincts.

My gut is never wrong. Do I always follow my gut instinct…no, but when I look back at why a situation went in the direction I didn’t want it to, I always could pinpoint when my gut foretold the inevitable result. So if I know my gut is that accurate, why wouldn’t I listen every time I got a sign? Why would I allow life to be so hard and unforgiving when I could have more control over the outcomes than I already do? Well, the answer isn’t simple. If it was I’d already be on the right path for me, as would many other people who can make the same statement about their own gut instincts. But while I might not have in the past, I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to double down on my life, and guess what, you can too.

So, let’s talk about why a person, me or anyone else, would allow themselves to be in bad situations. Most don’t truly understand what their gut instinct is. For me, I realize and understand it’s my connection to my Buddha nature. It’s the source. 2017_214129568741880_572453563_n4It’s the ability to tap into the Universal wisdom, and tune your thoughts and actions to it. But even at its base level, your gut is survival. It’s your Spidey-sense that alerts you to danger, and a wrong course. So I know all that, and knew all that; but still I, like many take the path less and sometimes often chosen, knowing that path is not for us. Why would we subject ourselves through the pain and strife of life’s other decisions. I’ve learned it’s all about exceptions.

I don’t believe all decisions that cause stress and negativity are bad decisions. If you are fortunate enough to get to the other end, you can find the positive in all the negativity you have encountered. It’s not easy but it’s better than sitting there, looking at the wall, and cursing your on existence. I’m a glass half full kind of guy, hell, I’m an, ‘ at least there is some water in my glass,” kind of person, to which I am thankful to be. But even with that outlook, I could do better, and I still want to avoid trying situations if at all possible. But while I know I am in the business of living life, learning from life, and sharing my experience to improve my life and others that enjoy my perspective, I still want to cut down on many of the less than thrilling situations I find myself in.

Even that last line takes power away from myself. I don’t and most people don’t find themselves in situations. We seek out these experiences, consciously or unconsciously. 30488-Buddha+quotes+on+wisdomMy goal in being a “water in my glass” kind of person is to learn, adapt, and adjust so I can have more conscious actions, more awareness, and more control of my life. In providing a solution, I’ve unearthed the problem which is effort, or for Buddhist, Right Effort. Honestly following your gut requires pretty much all the principles of the Noble Eightfold Paths. It’s important to start with the Right Views of life which for Buddhist means understanding fully the Four Noble Truths of suffering. Then it’s about understand your own intentions which are Right Intentions, adjusting your speech, Right speech, and the rest which I don’t want to expand upon here. As I deepen my Buddhist practices, I see and understand more about myself and my habits. I see where the Universe was speaking to me, and where I decided I knew better. In some cases I did, even when it ended with doom and gloom, as I feel like my gut was just warning me to pay attention at the end of the shit-show that was ahead. The doom and gloom was just to the ego and material world, leaving so much wealth in my spiritual and practical life.

I realized I ignored my gut because I wanted to have whatever experience that was presented. Sometimes it was to learn and grow; other times it was just to rebel. tumblr_n67lqg1Kfy1qzox0go1_1280Sometimes the bad wasn’t so bad; other times I wasn’t sure if I needed that particular lesson, or needed to go through all I did to get it. But even then I can’t help but think I would be changed if I hadn’t. I wouldn’t be this version of myself without each little step, side step, or jump I took in life. So is that the real reason and blessing of going against ones’ gut instinct? Is it all about learning and growth? Not in the slightest.

The reality is we are a defiant bunch. We like to challenge ourselves and overcome. We like to push the envelope and succeed where others failed. Many people do a lot of things just to be the one to win the unwinnable. I don’t believe anyone misses when their gut tells them to turn right. I believe we all just decide to go left sometimes just to see what the result will be.  And some people truly believe they will be the ones to overcome without all the typical pain that followed others before them. I can’t in any way say it’s a bad thing, but knowing what’s happening can do wonders for tuning your energy to the right things to challenge.

548ce73832ffd400630cee45a45b1864Most, if not all of us want to be the exception. We want to shine bright. We want to overcome the odds and be that story to tell future generations. Some of us will get that. Some of us will win. But all of us can win something in victory and defeat. It’s always there for us and it is provided by the Universe. I’m learning that the Universe, even when it feels like its holding us back from living an exciting life, really just wants us to live a truer life than we think we need or want.  And who’s to say that life doesn’t have excitement?

Your gut, your survival instincts, and your connection to the source was provided to you for a reason. Maybe you are supposed to be the exception in some situations. I like to think we are all the exceptions in all situations. For me, I’m a double down kind of guy, so I’m doubling down on myself these days and my connection to the Universe. I’m doubling down on my gut.



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