My Buddhist Prayer for Peace

Our nation has yet again been subjected to the fear and ignorance of hate. There is no real logic, no real justification, and no real argument for taking lives based on something so simple and insignificant as the color of ones skin. I say "real" because in the minds of those that discriminate, they have... Continue Reading →


Why I cried over Harry and the Hendersons.

I don't tend to admit this to a lot of people. For a long time I never wanted to show my weaknesses due to how some would judge me or use any weakness against me. These days, I'm pretty much an open book, baring my soul on this blog, and to close friends when I... Continue Reading →

My words are out of LOVE

I've been in love three times. I feel lucky to have had love even once let alone three times. Each time, the feelings I had were different. The intensity was varied, the passion was hit or miss, and the duration of our love wasn't that of romance novels. Nonetheless, I loved three times, and each... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry BUT…

I'm not one who can't admit when I'm wrong. Sometimes I need some prodding and pulling, but I find my way to the apology if only to transition to a new situation. While an apology can work wonders in healing wounds, and repairing lost connections, an apology alone tends to be ineffective if the underlying... Continue Reading →

Its not him, it really is you.

Ok, the title is a little harsher than I tend to be, but I feel it's important to just be blunt and honest. So often after a break up, many will go to their friends for comfort and reassurance they weren't to blame for the end of a relationship. I myself have taken part in... Continue Reading →

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