The Universe Gives

Quote-The-Universe-gives-you-exactly-what-you-need-e1400541696128The other day I had plans to hang around town with a good friend of mine as he waited for his car to get inspected. I have my morning routine of meditation, writing this blog, yoga, and a couple other things, as I am most productive in the early morning hours. Knowing he and I were to meet up late morning/early afternoon, I didn’t sleep well trying to mentally arrange my routine to fit seamlessly with this agenda. That morning I was pulling my mind together before meditation, and the universe gave me the theme for that days blog. I felt I had it and didn’t write it down as I usually do, knowing my memory has never been what I wanted it to me. As you could image right when I was to begin writing my post, the idea was nowhere to be found. I have a way to recall events with my stream of thought playing everything back in my head like a video including my emotions, what I might have been tasting or smelling; basically using my five senses in an attempt to get back to my idea. This was unsuccessful and I was forces to write the original idea I already planned to write for the day. I went about my day, finishing the rest of my routine and met my friend, sharing with him my struggles and frustration over losing yet another creative idea I was too lazy to write down. He replied, ” The universe gave the idea to someone else” and I just knew he was correct and I was pissed. Why would I not accept the offerings of the universe especially as my path has been to connect fully and engage it in my daily life?

creativityI have shared my additional frustration with creative ideas not being fresh, with everyone trying to tap into the creativity pool the universe provides (click here). The similarities in writing, art and music bothered me so much, the only way I could make sense of it was to interpret this phenomenon in this way for my own sanity. It truly makes sense that the creative ideas of the world must follow the same pattern of the universal wisdoms of the world that have not changed since the first spiritual leaders and philosophers blessed us with experiences and knowledge. It may feel like I am giving all credit and responsibility to a force outside of myself and you would be correct. My feelings are I am just a vessel being given the gift of life and thought, but not creating any of it. I share what is given and the source is the universe.

As a writer, I can’t understand if not the universe then where do the ideas for my novels and blogs came from. Yes I am a thinker but why do I think? I am curious but why am I curious? And what led me to want to share my journey in the form of a blog and fiction works? These answers only presented itself as the universe, my muse asking me to do so. I have been given this gift to patiently explain my path, particular topics and even fun silly light stories to an audience that many people don’t possess. Writing is a gift. Ideas are a gift and it was given to me and many others to share not horde. Quotation-Tom-Krause-gifts-life-journey-help-people-Meetville-Quotes-27486The wisdom and gift don’t belong to me, so understandably if I am unable or unwilling to take advantage of the special task, the universe has no choice but to pass it on to another chosen soul that has been blessed as well.

I can 100% say I squandered many gifts I have been given in life. Recognizing this, I have been on a mission to tackle this habit energy when it arises, as I am so grateful for all that I have, including my curious and creative mind. I wasn’t angry at the universe for taking away the idea; I was angry I wasted my chance to share my perspective. The idea itself was more than likely shared before and would be again, with each person utilizing their experiences to steer the topic of conversation. People can look at the same sky and see different cloud shapes and I missed my chance to share my cloud.

This clearly wasn’t the first and it does sadden me to say it wont be the last; but with mindfulness and effort I will begin to reduce the occasions. I place notepads everywhere in my home and car to make sure I can write down what needs to be remembered. Sometimes I will tell a friend to text me with things I need to recall; and lately I have used an app in my phone to record anything I feel I will need for later. I realized I no longer wanted to be frustrated in this way as much as I had been in the past. My intention will continue to be to reduce and eliminate wasting the universe’s gifts. I understand it’s a process, and with any process to change habit energy there will be times I come up short. Use-Your-giftsIt will be important to not only learn from those instances and adapt my process with what I’ve learned; but mostly to forgive myself when I fall short. That’s the real task that I face, and with that process I have gotten much better.

So I give to you this insight that was given to me by the universe through my good friend: Don’t let blessings pass you by and if you do, don’t beat yourself up. Grow and expand your heart and practice.

My gift from the Universe.


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