Why is your face all on the Internet? To selfie or not to selfie.

This morning I was confronted with a question on relationships on a social media forum; specifically why someone in a relationship would still actively fish for compliments by posting sexy and suggestive pictures of themselves on social media and groups. One comment mentioned having a conversation with that partner to understand the motives behind their... Continue Reading →


Did that explanation make you feel better?

This is an interesting post for me to write. If you have been following my site, you know I often write about intentions and motives, more so examining them before one speaks and acts. I'm someone who likes to understand things because it does make me feel better when I have the facts I need... Continue Reading →

Love on Tap

I would have to dig deep into my cerebral cortex to recall a real date let alone a true boyfriend. It isn't that I don't enjoy dating or am too busy, but I currently have a desire to do it in the best way that works for me. So I took the time to look at the... Continue Reading →

Your Sympathy Hurts Me

As much as we see war, violence, and hate all around us, we are a compassionate society. I am so often moved by acts of compassion during natural disasters, human rights issues, and everyday unsung actions that I sometimes forget all the negativity in the world. In truth I believe that can be a very... Continue Reading →

Boys don’t cry, Men Do

Life is hard. I wish I could make it easier for everyone out there, but life and living are filled with hardships that must be overcome if one is to continue on and thrive. What makes things hard isn't life itself, but those living in it that think they know best for all. This goes... Continue Reading →

Don’t Speak, Just Message Me

I barely go out to the gay bars. After a certain age, it lost it's magic for me especially since I am more about being sober than the latest Madonna song being played eight times in one night. When I do go it's usual with a few friends that are just wanting to dance and... Continue Reading →

The Best Teacher: Experience

It isn't hard to understand our lives are a series of experiences and lessons from those experiences. From birth we learn by doing: how to walk, how to speak, and how to eat. There isn't much that we know today that wasn't taught to us first by someone else, then by doing and feeling comfortable... Continue Reading →

Not Trying to Be, Just Being

I want to freely admit the title of this post makes the subject seem much easier than it is. I will be up front, being is the ultimate goal many have yet to reach. Others don't understand the difference between trying to live your life a certain way, to exemplify exactly what one believes their... Continue Reading →

I was not your friend Yesterday.

This post is one of the few where I am pretty much venting to work through my personal dramas. I never go into situations wanting to be unkind but it's going to be hard with this subject. It really boils down to my frustration with those that only remember your name when they need something.... Continue Reading →

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