Destiny Interference

It surprises many when I talk about having a destiny and finally realizing what it is. I’ve had so many tough times, losing everything and on the verge of suicide, that to believe in destiny with my track record seems like lunacy; but I do. When you are down and out, you look for signs to tell you it’s not over. every-experience-no-matter-how-bad-it-seemsYou look back at your missteps so you don’t repeat them, and it’s there I saw destiny and the Universe, and it’s now that I feel a need to share it with you all.

It’s hard to think destiny is real with all the death and destruction we all have to endure day in and day out. We have children going hungry and being abuses, terror threats everyday, and on a simply note, traffic when you are already late to work. Is all that suppose to happen? Why am I not the lucky one that gets to win the lottery and buy an island away from all the drama and negative energy? Well because you aren’t. You’re path is different, and the best thing I have found is not to look anywhere else in an attempt to co-oped their journey for your own. But your destiny and his do affect each other.

Destiny isn’t an act that is all about you. Everyone has a destiny, but we are all on the same plain. There is only so much space for each person’s destiny to play out, and to think your actions don’t affect a destiny half way around the world is a mistake. You can’t know if the man in the grocery store talked to your pastor three years ago, and influenced a sermon that just spoke to you in a real way. threadsJust like you can’t tell if your best friend, who just got back from India, sat where the Buddha sat and didn’t know it. We touch destinies threads all the time in how we speak, how we live; to think even the smallest encounter or incident can’t play out a year from now and a thousand miles away is foolish.

Think about how we touch and talk to people miles away through social media all the time. How many times have you looked at some viral video that originated in Paris? But on a simpler note, it could just be the smile you gave to the homeless man you passed by yesterday, who used to be a war hero, who saved the man, who later father the girl, who is going to change the world someday ( okay not so simple). I’m just trying to get everyone thinking that this journey we are on is but isn’t ours alone.

902736_290081337792122_362405181_oThe most common push back I get is when a life is lost so young. Many ask why was it that person’s destiny to die without really living. Honestly it might not have been. The problem with destiny is it can be hard to follow. It can be a path that takes you away from what is comfortable, and so you fight it and take a different journey. That course change could have set the events that had you everyone off-balance. It’s like taking a detour, still needing to get to your house, but you had to make an extra left and right, causing you to see things that might be good but could also be bad and interfere with someone else’s process. I always imagine strings on a tennis racquet. The strings go up and down, left and right; you can go in a straight line up but you always hit another string. The actions at that intersection affects the other strings and your own string. Sure you can go left, take another right, even backtrack but remember ever turn changes something.

Of course some would say, ” Well I don’t like to follow the rules. Who wants to go straight?” When you look at “straight” as a negative, I can see where the misstep can occur. Straight just means following your path. It could be you are supposed to be a lead singer in a metal band, or a swim instructor in Hawaii. IAchievement-Quotes-66t doesn’t always mean something boring and uneventful as many would feel when talking about destiny. Destiny is looking out for you and everyone else on the planet. Destiny likes order, likes joy, likes it easy, but as humans we get in our head all the time, thinking we know best, like we run anything and everything.

I took a hard look at my actions up until now and I couldn’t help but see where I turned left and right; where I kept seeing signs to make another choice to get to where I am now. I never believe my choices or anyone’s are a mistake, but we do make getting to the final story harder than destiny wants it to be. I see my journey as needing some of the hard times I have encountered, while others were mostly redundant and wasteful, as I already had the lesson destiny was trying to show me in hand. Regrets are a waste of time, but understanding the past is important in not repeating them.

destinyIn the end it’s about awareness. I meditated on the past to aid my present actions for my continued future. I listen and see when destiny reveals something to me, because I looked back to see how destiny speaks to me. This may sound confusing so I will say it like this; your gut, your instincts are directly connected to your destiny and the Universe. Look back and see how many times your gut was right and you took a different path. When you see the pattern of destiny in your life, it will make it easier to listen, and move faster to your purpose and joy on this plain.

Destiny isn’t the enemy or a four letter work. It just is. Live a life that helps yourself, and brings joy and peace to the world. We do have free will to choose one of many paths. Choose the one that is kind to yourself and to others. It’s part of all our destinies.




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    1. Thank you. It’s all a process and I hope by sharing I can inspire others. You never know where inspiration and motivation comes from. I’m happy to no longer be ashamed and be confident in being so vulnerable and revealing.

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