Either Or

buddha-a-story-of-enlightenment-deepak-chopraCurrently I’m reading another one of Deepak Chropa’s books called Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment. A friend of mine recommended it to me, but I was hesitant since I am pretty aware of the story of Siddhartha and his journey to becoming the Buddha. However I am learning more and enjoying myself as I am seeing my own writing style in this book, with how I put a lot of my life in my blog and my fiction work, amping up the drama for my fiction novels to take care of downtime everyone has in their lives.  While I’ve been reading this book, I also have been working on the latest 21 day meditation challenge, also from Deepak Chopra, and the idea of day 20 on uniqueness had me thinking about many choices I have made, and I am feeling others have as well.

If you are familiar with the 21 day meditations Deepak offers two or three times a year, then you will be familiar with the explanations he gives in the beginning of each session. One line during this particular meditation talked about hiding our uniqueness out of fear of standing out. This is a theme I have mentioned before so I won’t go into it again, however he talked about the either or decisions we make in our lives. FalseDilemmathumb300x2541538111Often times the either or are polar opposites, like choosing between being “good” or “bad.” He mentioned being either unique or being pretty much a droid going with the status quo in an effort not to stand out. After many years I made the decision to embrace my uniqueness but I don’t feel I have chosen anything except myself. I don’t feel like I have rejected the other side of the either or just to fulfill my destiny.

I feel like either or is being the droid one might be trying to avoid. Society tends to want us to be black or white, one way or another, either or, but in doing so we are giving society control. It’s that age-old question of free will, or the illusion of free will, thinking our choice is independent of a larger plan. Choice in and of itself is ours, but unless you have a long game vision of what the ramification of your choice is, you might miss the point, and really be falling into a trap already set. For some reason I don’t feel I’m explaining this very well.

imageThe set up for either or is pretty much the blue pill or the red. By entering into a situation to even choose, you are playing a game that has predetermined conclusions. I feel like not choosing, saying I don’t need your silly pill is where free will resides and true choice can be freeing. To the question of uniqueness, I see it as choosing yourself over what category might fit what society is comfortable with. It’s about saying I don’t care about your labels, or boxes ( read this blog I wrote), and saying I am all of them and I am none of them.

I mention Siddhartha because he lived a life of lavishness and excess, only to find he was on one end of the spectrum while others were on another he couldn’t understand. He chose to leave his royal life behind to be with the people but ended up going to the ascetic extreme, far away from anything he knew. He went either or and find neither were for him. This discovery lead to the Middle Way and the heart of Buddhism. Siddhartha fell into the traps of either or but in doing so, freed himself due to a desire for freedom and enlightenment. His struggle and discovery yielded results we can benefit from now, and I am personally taking full advantage.

imageI look at most things very holistically. I don’t like, or care to fall into either or. I just am, I just do, and I just live. I can’t say I don’t think of the either or in each situation, but my goal isn’t to choice one or the other; it’s to allow experience and the Universe to show me what works for me and my journey. It just might fall with one or the other, but that is really a side effect, not a trapping due in large part because I don’t allow the dogma, the boxes to control me.

Either or; I can’t say it wasn’t useful for me at some point, but today I look for balance. I’m not a fan of either or, just what IS, for me. I use either or just as meditation and analysis, but give the final word to the Universe and my spirit. There, you won’t find either or, just the true way that fits your path.


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