I ask

the_mind_is_everything-345-75It happens out of nowhere that a person’s tendency to always question, often times annoying others, will begin to bear fruit. I’m not just speaking about questions that have known answers, but questions to the unknowable and ultimately the most important questions out there. Once the questions of the universe become more important than who won on The Voice or who got killed on Games of Thrones, a shift in perspective begins to change ones’ demeanor, and subsequently interactions with others. I’ve notices with a more enlightened perspective I am being seen as wise and a go to for answers during tough times. I tend to have a problem being the answer man because the questions that still remain outweigh any real sense of knowledge I may possess, but does just asking the questions and seeking answers from the universe make a person wise?

With the Noble Eightfold Paths of Buddhism, the answers to ending suffering, as described in the Four Noble Truths are available to us. The principle of Right Views lends itself to the beginning stages of a wise mind. noble-eightfold-pathRight Views is described as having a deep understanding of the Four Noble Truths: To live is to suffer, All suffering comes from desirous attachment and selfish cravings, cessation from suffering is destroying attachment and cravings, and the way to cessation lies in the Noble Eightfold Paths. I know the Four Noble Truths to be true, as such I can embrace the Noble Eightfold Paths to bring myself out of self-imposed suffering; asking the right questions and adopting the right actions to send me on the right path for me. Right isn’t use as a polar opposite for wrong. I see right as what is correct from your personal journey and for the health of all sentient beings. Right Views is the insight we have into the reality of life that fills us with understanding peace and joy.

A person whose actions in life are a reflection of Right Views can often times be seen as wise, and having more insight than others.  Another principle of the Noble Eightfold paths is Right Actions.images (1) Right action is living and acting in a way that protects all sentient beings, and practicing loving kindness. This is not only nonviolence to others but also yourself, realizing the futility of a broken spirit being a good force in society. I am currently spending a lot of time fixing myself because I feel the pull and need from the universe, and since I am nothing more than a vessel for the universe’s insight, I can be an example of the universe’s strength and love.

Being a vessel doesn’t mean just receiving to me. I am emptying myself to accept the frequency of the universe but I still reject those ideas that don’t seem to fit with my current path. I wish I had an example but because I am a work in progress, I still have an idea of what my life should look like and what my contribution will be. I’m not saying what the universe provides is wrong, just not something I am able to hear and use in a useful way at this time due in large part to being attached to old ideas and concepts from the past. 7964594320_7d24ea69d9_bOften times those pearls I have discarded in the moment come back strong once I sit and examine troubling times, but even those I know to be all part of the plan to get me where I’m suppose to be at the moment I’m suppose to be there. Faith for me isn’t blind faith; it is something I have experienced all ready from the universe and the Buddha’s teachings. I’m not hoping, waiting, or wishing for anything. I have experienced the blessing of the Dharma and the universe to know my practices are sound for me.

So I am wise. I am wise because I have experiences that I sought out to become wise like the Buddha. The Buddha is of course the ultimate goal, and fortunately he left principles and instructions on how to reach his level. The Buddha like most PR and marketing firms, tailored his message for those he was ministering to, but all still had a base in the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold paths. In those I find questions and then wisdoms I can use for my life. Iron Lord Buddha Bodhi India dhammapadI stress my insight comes from my own life experiences. It’s not to say sharing my story and wisdom wont be useful to others. The fact is while each journey is individual, due to many many outside forces that are unique in how they converge on people in different ways; the overall journey of one can mirror the journey of many. We all just do some fine tuning to get to the same place on our own terms.

So yes, I ask therefore I am wise. I listen, question, research, and then reply therefore I am wise. I put in the Right Effort ( another principle ) to come to the place that fits me in this moment, which just so happens to fit what others need from me as well. This, to me, is all part of the plan as I am wise not only for me but for others that need what I have to offer. So yes, I am wise.




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