The New Weapon, Karma

karma-5It’s almost an incorrect statement to say Karma is a new weapon. It’s been the weapon of choice for years, when an actual weapon isn’t desired. Karma gets thrown around like a fruit cake during Christmas. It’s great when it’s about fostering goodness and merit, but when things don’t go a certain way, or “justice” isn’t administered to the liking of the masses, karma is levied as the only remaining recourse to right the wrongs. I understand wanting to correct injustices, and feeling powerless when the process seems not to favor your perception of what is an appropriate response. But when I think about karma I get nervous for those who use it as a weapon. I wonder if they might be doing their own karma a disservice wishing, or hoping for bad karma in another.

Karma doesn’t really need anyone’s help. If what goes around really does come around, why even say it? For me, karma will do what it does, adding up good and bad, and be dispensed when the time is right. I have witnesses some instant karma, like taking that extra donut and then getting sick pretty much right afterwards; or speaking badly about the sound of another’s car, only to turn theirs on and hear that muffler cough and rattle. Did I need to say anything for karma to do its job? Or better yet, should I fear speaking about karma at all?

karma-quotes_138976858500I don’t think we should fear anything and definitely not karma. Karma is our friend and should be respected ( yeah kind of trying to get on its good side right now ). But seriously, I hear people speak about karma, wielding it like a sword and I worry about them more than the object of their indignation. Who is to say karma cares about the same things we do? And who is to say that person hasn’t amassed a large about of good karma that this small action of negative sowing just wont do the damage that you might be hoping for? And even saying that, we get to the real of my worries: hoping for something negative to happen to another person.

When a person has negative thoughts and intention, it is possible and likely that negative actions will follow. A wish for pain and retribution for perceive, or even actual wrongs can weigh a person down more than seeing those wishes carried out. I’m not suggesting to do away with seeking justice, as morality is important, but everyone’s compass is different. The basics: don’t steal, don’t kill, and don’t cheat should be honored, and appropriate action should be taken against those that disregard humanity in those ways. imageNo one would reject that, but the small injustices aren’t always ours to correct. If you are someone who believes in karma, then let karma work without your prompting, because it will anyway.

I had to check myself many times wishing ill will on my enemies. In reality, I saw my ill will as a lot of things like jealousy and seeing the potential for me to act that same way deep in my core. I didn’t like they were enjoying the pain they were causing, getting away with it, and seemingly thriving. I wondered why I couldn’t be amoral, and just as those thoughts entered my mind I had to say thank you to my spirit. I’m not amoral, but I understand it. I am someone who looks for the good, enjoys the good, and respects that good can’t live in a vacuum. I also can’t feel right about being good and speaking about good expressing the negative in the name of good. Of course I am human so I have my moments when I just want to lay into someone; and being human I indulge that side and will continue to. However I am working to not feel the need to do so in every case; so as I lessen the frequency of such actions, I feel a weight lifting and I come close to my spirit.

Karma is in my mind but not my reason for joy and living. I do what feels more natural and good by my standards; and for those doing “wrong”, they probably are feeling the same. We are all on a different level spiritually, and for me I see them in a different Samsara stage. imageI have to trust in karma and in their experiences leading them to wherever they are supposed to be. It might be jail, it might be death, but in any case it’s not for me to wish upon them. Unless I’ve been selected for jury duty, I need to trust the reasons the Universe provides no matter how much it sticks in my throat.

I share this not because I am successful all the time. I’m successful enough to recognize the damage I have caused to myself wishing ill will. I’m not being unsympathetic to real world acts of injustice, but I am putting my faith in my real world experiences of karma and the Universe at work. The best any of us can do is create good karma within ourselves to add to the pool that is available to all. I just no longer see the value of ill will, and requesting bad karma for anyone.

It’s not my will but the Universe and Karma to handle. And they do.


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  1. Meaning of karma ? We can say as “result of an action”. … Mind takes the main role to create karma…. When somebody do some thing with bad thought , he gets bad result. When with good thought he gets good result. He can’t pass this result to another. There is no any way or any place to stop receiving the result of that action.
    There four kinds of karma on getting results time wise.
    1. Get result in this same life……2. Exactly in next life…When receive chance some life (may be in some day in million of million years)….4. get void. ( no chance to get)


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