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People-Word-LabelsI woke up this morning and didn’t feel like writing. It was very gloomy outside, raining and pretty chilly in my house. I decided to read a little, hoping to find some inspiration and the strength to create and it came to me. The book I was reading is by Deepak Chopra called ” The Future of God”. Some of my friends found it odd I would be reading a book about God, but in that response lay the groundwork for Deepak’s thesis. The idea we have constructed of God and gods in general are the problem. We have put God in man-made boxes, giving God human qualities like gender and emotions. The idea of the book, which I am almost finished with, is to transcend our perception of God and create a new God 2.0. As I was reading I felt the same thing happens to all of us: those boxes. I know I don’t want to be in any participle box so I am proposing a Human 2.0.

I have always tried to purposefully change the game of what a black man is thought to be. I have mentioned in other posts, wearing baggy “thug” type clothing to give that impression and smash it when others hear me speak and watch me carry myself differently than they imagined. 27906634-concept-illustration-showing-people-holding-labels-which-are-commonly-attributed-to-peopleWhile the idea was sound, it wasn’t me and not the best way to chance perception. My little act of bait and switch wasn’t ever going to have the intended effect I wanted, however I still have a desire to achieve the same goal. I’m personally tired of the boxes or labels, of the decisive nature of our society and of words being used negatively. I’m trying to make this more than a rant but I’m not thrilled with labels outside of my Versace sunglasses.

Even the other day, I was on Facebook and an article published on Rawstory, showcased how our perceptions are flawed and destructive, when an on air commentator tried to mock her fellow guest commentator on his perceived “trying to be black” wordplay. What she didn’t know was the light-skinned guest to her left was in fact biracial with a black father and white mother ( he looks like Vin Diesel and sounds like a smarter version of him to me). Even the topic they were discussing, where Starbucks is trying to get the conversation of race started by asking its barista’s to write “Race Together” on the paper cups to start a dialog ( I just want my tea sweetie ), speaks to the need for perception and boxes to change.

The conversation today might be about race but I’m looking at all the boxes like sexuality and gender. What about simple boxes like who is nice or mean, wealthy, tall, fat; I’m just sick of classifying everything which only leads to judgement and anger. hqdefaultI understand most people are uncomfortable with no label at all. I like to know if the man I am trying to hit on actually likes men, but nowadays you have this moment of sexual labels being old and dated; with me and many of my friends seeing the distinction to be extinct in no time ( well a lot of time but you understand my point). I’m at the point where I don’t like saying I’m black, gay, Buddhist or just anything other than I am a human here to live. I mean in the end, isn’t that all any of us are trying to do; and all our higher intellect over the other animals on the planet is doing is destroying our own and peace of mind.

I often talk about Walden pond, especially when I’m in the middle of a writing project. When it’s just about peace in general, I often feel I will end my time on this planet at some Buddhist temple just existing and leaving all this foolishness behind. At present I just want to help those that feel I have something to offer, and today I’m offering the idea that we are hurting ourselves way too much with these damn boxes. Are you, yes you, that insecure and self-conscious that you must separate and categories everything? Do you really not see your “self” in everyone you come into contact with? You are that special sweetie? people-afraid-you-will-succeed-ray-goforth-quotes-sayings-picturesI apology for the aggression but I only see the status quo continuing until we wake up and see there is no self, we are all boxes, and we are not separate from anyone. The President has a nice title with a boat load of responsibilities, but he isn’t better than me. The homeless man downtown has no responsibilities, isn’t the most clean person, but I am not better than him. I am the President, I am the homeless man, and I am another human trying to live with everyone with the least about of drama I can. I am all of the boxes.

Think about the boxes you put yourself in. Think about the boxes society wants to put you in. Then think why any of those boxes really matter in the grand scheme of things.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.


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