Memes for All

imageSay what you will about social media but I for one love it. With social media, we are able to connect with people and groups from all over the world; quite possibly bridging cultural gaps that will lead to a peaceful and harmonious society. Of course we have plenty of people being, well human and sowing negative discourse via Facebook and other social media outlets, but I will not let the actions of a few taint what has given so much to me and many others. And then there are the Memes. Memes are everywhere and range from delivering beautiful quotes to hilarious comments about the times we live in. Some of them are just humor for humors sake, but I tend to gravitate to the uplifting memes; evident by how I place them in pretty much every one of my posts. Lately I have seen a particular set I have very much enjoyed so I decided to not only share them but give my impression of what these memes are doing for society; and specifically for me.

imageThese memes have come at a pretty good time for me. I have been on a journey to rebuild my life, after taking so many steps away from my true path. Something I heard recently stated, ” It takes 10 times as long to rebuild something than it does to knock it down”. I am an example of that truth as I have been for years trying to get beyond my misstep; but even in that statement the problem presents itself. I know in my heart nothing that has happened was random or unnecessary, but that participle truth doesn’t stick the way I wish it would. I think, can I control this truth and the narrative to really make effective change in my life? The really easy and true answer is absolutely.

I have long been thrilled over when I tune my energy to the Universe, the answers I seek present themselves; and these memes have come at a great time. In the beginning of this year I decided the course I was ready to take but went about it too aggressively. I took an all or nothing approach and crashed; feeling defeated and finding comfort in old habits. The thing that brought be back was already deciding early this was going to be my year. imageIt was just January and I was already allowing small life events shake me to the core as I always did and disliked about myself, but not this time. I regrouped and since then have been the Captain of my own destiny.

What thrills me about these memes are the abundance of them, all telling me what really is the truth of the Universe: I can choose. I can choose to be awesome. I can choose to be happy. I can choose it all and I have chosen love, joy, and success over my demons. I have chosen to not waver in the path set by the Universe and you can too. Outside forces be damned, we are in control of the direction of our lives, especially in the dark times when everything is against us and seemingly has much more power.

I’m not going to ramble on with this message because it’s pretty clear and never going to change. We can choose what happens next. Today-I-choose-joy-In no way will all of our choices pan out exactly how we would like them to but we can choose to learn and adjust. We can choose to accept and move on, because not accepting truly is what brings us to the negative aspects of life. It’s the fighting against the needed trials of life that bring us pain; and we can choose better.

So I ask you all to choose to be awesome. Choose to be happy. Choose to spread joy. Choose love and your choice will move mountains.


What's your thoughts?

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