In it But not Of it

Before I came to Buddhism, I was raised in the Baptist faith. I wont discuss why I didn't feel at home, as I am a believer that all faiths come from the same source just dressed up in different names and procedural rituals. I often times find principles and themes of Christianity that mirror those... Continue Reading →


The New Weapon, Karma

It's almost an incorrect statement to say Karma is a new weapon. It's been the weapon of choice for years, when an actual weapon isn't desired. Karma gets thrown around like a fruit cake during Christmas. It's great when it's about fostering goodness and merit, but when things don't go a certain way, or "justice"... Continue Reading →

Old Story Lines

The past is a funny thing. You don't want to be controlled by the past but it's important to analyze and learn from it so not to repeat the same mistakes. History is supposed to guide us to a better present and future, but it seems most just aren't using societies past or their own... Continue Reading →

Queer McCarthyism

I'm kind of upset and disappointed I have to defend a person I'm not fond of. In truth, I'm not defending him but all of our right to privacy and decency. This post came about after the recent resignation of Rep. Aaron Schock, over alleged misuse of taxpayer funds. For me, that is enough in... Continue Reading →

All Boxes

I woke up this morning and didn't feel like writing. It was very gloomy outside, raining and pretty chilly in my house. I decided to read a little, hoping to find some inspiration and the strength to create and it came to me. The book I was reading is by Deepak Chopra called " The... Continue Reading →

Its a hit BUT is it ART

This idea of art is a tricky one, but simple. If something is created from an idea and put to paper, metal, music, or film then its art. For artist of all formats, we understand that basic principle; but the word art hasn't carried that meaning in a while. I can myself admit to considering... Continue Reading →

Don’t bother MY Curtains

Who doesn't love The Wizard of OZ? I mean classics are classic because of their ability to resonate not just in that time but for generations to come. And who wasn't a bit disappointed the wizard turned out not to be all great and powerful. The curtain came back, and we saw the smoke and... Continue Reading →

Memes for All

Say what you will about social media but I for one love it. With social media, we are able to connect with people and groups from all over the world; quite possibly bridging cultural gaps that will lead to a peaceful and harmonious society. Of course we have plenty of people being, well human and... Continue Reading →

The Phoenix has landed

I am pretty new to meditation. I have been meditating off an on for six or seven years but more recently I have been pretty strong in being dedicated to my practice and the results. I started just sitting quietly with no music, meditation guide, or ritual; feeling like they would distract me, as I... Continue Reading →

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