Ode to That Guy

imageIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to do something different with today’s post. I’m writing a kind of free verse poem to that dream guy I hope to meet one day. I’ve shared before I don’t have a type but I have preferences and a picture of my life with that special guy. For this post I wanted to let him know ( it’s not an actual person ).


Ode to That Guy

wpid-slide_336096_3390161_free.jpgOh that guy has my attention, full of fuzz about and below his upper lip, I dream of that kiss that tickles, sometimes burning my heart and soul. Stretch can pull me in and out, stimulating neurons that cry as they die around others. The moment of the end of moments never occurs to me as lights shine brighter and brighter as time passes. Did I conjure this creature, or did the vortex smile upon me, as I walked upon him in my hour of need. Oh that guy has my attention

Oh that guy has my trust, full of heart that leads me to water and commands a sip. I reject my natural ego, mirrors of pain and lack of no longer lacking. I’ve been shown the power of letting go, shown the power of giving in, shown that power isn’t at all what I thought it was by you. Pearly and white, honest and strong I trust what I’m given, the self aware not rejecting what it always knew was out there but somehow couldn’t believe. Oh that guy has my trust.

Oh that guy touched my spirit, from the unknown to the known, the magic of non-being, no notions and no words resists perfectly in our union. The universe revealing all in every moment with and without him but guided by his presence. I deepen my connection as a result of sharing love and compassion that was made for me. True partnership, true union with true heart and spirit. Love didn’t exist before us but is made whole wpid-img_22955348586926.jpegthrough conscious awareness and deliberate action. You taught me that, you awakened that. You connected my dots by being you and no other, Nameste. Oh that guy touched my spirit.

Destructive and deconstructed was my way, my light to Chaos as my type. Light blinding but warm until warmth burned heavy then out. Worth fighting for but why are we fighting for what’s pure, right and heart. Why are we fighting so hard. Battlefield? Too many losers and users. Break up to make up and break up again. Oh that guy doesn’t have that in him. Oh that guy knows himself and his mate. That guy knows the source, shares the source, and emanates the source that reminds me of Ode.

Oh that guy earned my heart, without question, without pretense, without trying, without fail. Oh that guy earned my attention, my trust and my spirit before he or I knew it would come to pass. Oh that guy reminded me of my passion for love, true love that didn’t hurt, wasn’t pushy, and was just love. Ode to That Guy. That guy is my love.


Valentines-Day-background_mainWell I hope this was as thrilling for you to read as it was to write. It truly reminded me of that image and feeling I wanted and will have for my soul mate. I admittedly am not the greatest poet, but I was just in that mode to be creative and wax poetically for a moment. Everyday to me is Valentine’s Day, its Buddha Day and it’s Nirvana day, which is actually the day after Valentine’s Day this year. I’m blessed, thankful and stay optimistic about my present and future.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and That Guy!



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