Serendipity Vortex

imageThis is the kind of vortex I can put my energy behind. Not those Winter Vortex the Weather Channel wants to break out yearly it seems, but a purely pleasant vortex I currently find myself in. The good thing is, I feel like I am sharing this vortex energy with a few of my close friends and in that I feel even more serendipity so let’s get down to this wonderful phenomenon called the Serendipity Vortex.

First I have to admit I got the actual phrase from one of my new favorite comedies on USA called “Sirens”. I’m not going to go into the episode fully but in it one of the EMTs talks about the actual movie Serendipity and the rest begin to see the strings of the universe in everything that do during the remainder of the episode. What the episode did for me was have me realize I am currently in a creative vortex where all I see are creative expressions I feel are telling me it’s the right time for this blog to blow up, my upcoming podcast with my good friend, and my novel to be finished and be everything I want it to be.

So serendipity is thought of as the “pleasant surprise”. It’s when you see the connection of a random or just obscure event and timagehat realization ends up being something beneficial or “pleasant”. We all have those gotcha moments but the difference between someone who is mindful and in tune with the universe; than someone who is more reactionary and closed off, is they don’t take the time to look at how these seemingly random events could be more telling. I love to see the threads of life; and I love more when I don’t connect the thread for a week, maybe longer but I’m brought back to the moment I saw what was coming before it landed and made my day.

The Serendipity Vortex is that wonderful place where everything just fits into place. One pleasant random event, or “happy accident” just connects to another, then another and it’s just this wow moment you just want to ride out until the end of days ( not Biblical end of days people ). During the vortex even bad and depressing events can spark a positive note in your head and spirit; giving you this “don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude that can bring you to the desired serendipity you might have missed if you stayed dwelling on the negative.

imageAt this point many are saying ” well you can turn anything good if you work at it,” and you would be right. So is the serendipity real? Is the vortex even worth mentioning for a whole blog? Duh, of course it is. The headline is this life is hard. Not a new revelation but it needed to be reiterated because many keep forgetting the hardships that often present themselves are made of our own hands. We make things hard and if someone wants to make up a connection that leads them to a happier place than I say sign me up; sign everyone up for this harmless act of self kindness. This cycle of suffering in Buddhism is called Samsara, the cycle of birth and rebirth ( yes we believe in reincarnation so there is no death just birth and rebirth ).

I’m not one to co-sign delusional behavior. I briefly was a psychology major so I could never discount therapy and medication for those in need. However I also was someone in therapy and taking medication until I really just decided I could take care of my mental health issues on my own with Buddhism and meditation. This approach worked for me because I didn’t have as big of a chemical imbalance as those with imagemore severe mental disorders. I have to be clear, my approach is not at all for everyone, and my therapist was cautious in allowing me to test my theory out but we monitored and in the end I am taking my depression one episode at a time and handling it with more kindness than I was with therapy ( I’ll talk about this in a future blog post ). The ability to see the threads really was one of those techniques that helped me take control. I could see the cause and effect and I could tailor my actions to bring about more positive effects as I am now.

I’m also not opposed to placebos at all. Look, living in such a tough world, living in general a person just needs whatever push they can get. Believing in a Serendipity Vortex can be just what the doctor orders to turn ones life around for the good. Believing drinking my hot tea with my meals can help me not eat as much, or process my food better doesn’t hurt me at all ( except on really hot days ). This life is about experiences anyway so I mean try it out. Be observant to the random and try to fit it in yourself. Notice how often certain themes pop up like fitness, art shows, hell tacos; and think why in the world does the universe keep mentioning these things to me in various ways. Then find out for yourself. It might be good, it might be bad as well. The vortex can be used to show you the errors in thinking or actions you are currently on but my experience has always shown even those negative threads are for a positive one down the line.

imageEither way I love a Serendipity Vortex. As I stay engulfed in my creativity vortex right now, I can’t want to see what the next thread brings. It brought me this post, and I love it.




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  1. Glad to know that the phrase “Serendipity Vortex” is gaining wider use and awareness. I have used that phrase for several decades, as my family have had many occasions that would be classified as a Serendipity Vortex. Being in the right place, at the right time with the right person or people and then being aware of the amazing possibilities of the situation is an incredible feeling that can be life changing. Here’s wishing everyone a happy Serendipity Vortex or many more in their lifetime.


  2. Wow, great blog today! Talk about speaking to me. After everthing I’ve been thru these past 4 months things have finally turned around in the past few days, where I’ve been happier and all stress has practically lifted off my shoulders. And now I know what to call it thanks to you…serendipity vortex


    1. When you are in the vortex it feels so amazing. I can say how long it lasts but hey if it stops its temporary and it will return. I’m glad you enjoyed the post today.


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