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I should probably share if we are friends, hell, we might meet briefly at one time and I just happen to see something, hear something, or just feel something I couldn't shake off; chances are it will end up in a blog at some point or another. I'm always kind in terms of not revealing... Continue Reading →


Fortune Cookie

We are all on a journey of self. Some are trying to deepen their connection with the universe and it's wisdom (ME), while others are just trying to not get trampled by life. Some are sponges and vessels for the universe ( ME again ), while others ignore the signs in a state of survival... Continue Reading →

Loving you from afar

I've been accused of being able to drop men for potential dating opportunities with ease, but potential friends with greater difficulty. I might have a handful of men I have given a second chance to date me, but friends have gotten more than they should have after some serious wrongs. It boils down to my... Continue Reading →

Lost Art: Flirting

I have decided as tradition fades from our society, I need to continue to bring light to the issues facing traditions regarding love. I previously wrote a piece on the Lost Art of dating, but it dawned on me I skipped over the basic foot in the door process called flirting. It really only came... Continue Reading →

Str8 Acting or Passing?

I was watching an interview by Wilson Cruz ( My So-Called Life, Noah's Arc ) of the wonder LaVerne Cox ( Orange is the New Black ). The topic came up of transgender women that are passable as born female to the public ( I find it mostly with transgender men ). LaVerne Cox, who... Continue Reading →

Lions, Tigers, Monks

This isn't an easy post to write but I am troubled, and a big reason for starting my blog in the first place was as therapy and guidance for others based of my experiences. A few days ago one such experience really threw me and I am still troubled. I used a few of my... Continue Reading →

Ode to That Guy

In honor of Valentine's Day, I decided to do something different with today's post. I'm writing a kind of free verse poem to that dream guy I hope to meet one day. I've shared before I don't have a type but I have preferences and a picture of my life with that special guy. For... Continue Reading →

Chaos as My Type

I've always said I don't have a type. I actually still know that to be the truth, as I don't go for any specific age ( under 30 will have an uphill battle ), I don't exclude anyone on race or ethnicity, and body types don't have to be cover model material like others I... Continue Reading →

The Best Exes

Most people who know me are aware of my dating style. It has been redesigned in recent years to shorten the time dating those ill-suited for me and to enjoy the dating process even if it's not a love connection. I truly believe I can determine compatibility in two dates, the first being observational and... Continue Reading →

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