Comfy Cozy Buddha

Most of my studies of Buddhism are of a contemporary nature. One could almost say they are in the vein of self help books the way that Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh and His Holiness the Dalai Lama structure the message of the Dharma in their works. I understand the possible reasoning, as Buddhism is... Continue Reading →


Begin Anew

I've just had a wonderful morning of meditation and a bit of Buddhist reading. I have set the goal for the week to be about intense Dharma studies, and frankly a cram session due to my lack of daily practice. As it is no secret, I have been indulging in negative actions, distracting me from... Continue Reading →

Hold up and just hold me.

I'm a such a weird little gay. I've done the extreme sex rampage; jumping into threesomes, groups, orgies, and S&M ( I can still be Buddhist and get mine since I am not a monk ). And I've gone through moments of no sex, not even self pleasure going on for weeks and months. During... Continue Reading →

Bad Press: My HIV Experience

I have never been one to shy away from talking about my HIV status.  I'm a Virgo and like most we enjoy facts and knowledge. I'm not the type to come to tears unless there is good reason, and the information I researched and was informed of from friends who were HIV positive, doctors and... Continue Reading →

MLK and Buddhism

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day and of course I wanted to take a moment to speak about this great man. There will be no shortage of news articles, specials and some will even rush to the theater to see Selma, which was recently released. I myself wrote another post last year which I... Continue Reading →


I must apologize for my absence. My last post spoke to the self imposed pressure I have been putting on myself and I just needed to escape. For those who have had substance issues, escape means well using and that is what I did. I can't hate myself for doing it because it is now... Continue Reading →


I almost feel silly writing this post after Monday's declaration of my independence from insecurity, and proclaiming I am ready to be unabashedly me. I may have jumped the gun, feeling too much of the New Year's spirit of transformation and rebirth; but I have to confess I have had some feeling of dread, anxiety... Continue Reading →

Its your Mirror

I can honestly say I attempt to be all things to everyone at my own expense. If someone is not feeling well, I'm quick to ask, "what can I do for you," because I know I am a big baby when I am sick, and some of my friends don't have anyone to bring them... Continue Reading →


I found myself having a conversation with a friend about making friends. My friend is in a wonderful three year relationship and finds making strictly friends in the gay world all but impossible. The problem becomes compounded when you live in an area without a gay epicenter, leaving the only option in meeting other gay... Continue Reading →

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