Black on Black Lie

blacklivesmatterIn the wake of the non indictment reality we are currently facing, I feel it’s time for me to weigh in with a bit more class and compassion than many others have, especially the news networks.  I have long stopped watching the news because I see a lack of real reporting going on.  I was once a journalism major at Old Dominion University before switching to Psychology. My favorite report is the late Tim Russert, and truthfully that is when real journalism began it’s decline. I’ve since switched to just reading articles on Huffington Post, Salon, and liberal sites like The New Civil Rights Movement and ThinkProgress. I will admit they frame the topics of today with a liberal slant, however when I read it I see more logic and care for the facts than I get from other news outlets.  In a recent article I remember reading a commentator on CNN state in response to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that the real problem in this country it black on black crime, with her dead on reply that crime is crime and a byproduct of proximity and opportunity( I apologize I can’t find the article I read).

I agree with this statement 100%. It’s been said that most murders, assaults and even robberies are committed by those closes to you. It would stand to reason that if you live in a predominantly black or white neighborhood, crimes committed will be of the same race.  Then put a level of hopelessness and perceived persecution and you can_ed_2black_130721n imagine a higher level of frustration leading to crimes based off rage, venting that rage and desperation.  After creating a systems of despair, then you want to punish those who, in some regards, are the product of the systems making? Yeah the game is rigged.

I wouldn’t be me if i didn’t present the other side. Yes it is possible to live in these situations and not restore to violence or crime.  There are people who put in the work to rise to another level, usually with the help of a teacher or other mentor whose primary goal is to help that person avoid the life handed to them( click here for my previous post on mentors). But from my own experience with friends and family living this cycle, those mentors and teachers are in short supply.  It doesn’t help that the state and federal government constantly cut programs to assist in giving shelter and programs for low-income and poverty-stricken areas to give young people the same opportunities as others in middle class areas.  Most people just want an opportunity, and all people want to feel equal to their fellow man.

crime-myths-3And let’s talk about equality.  The number one reason I hear those at the top defend the current, and let’s be really clear, centuries old caste system in place relies heavily on natural selection and survival of the fittest. (The right love science when it helps them stay in power). They try to say we are born into the station we are supposed to, but my problem with that is how often they try to use legal, and illegal, means to keep those from rising above their perceived destined station. The game is rigged is really all I can say.

I want to bring it back to this notion of black on black crime. I’m sorry but it’s like I said, it’s a lie.  Crime is about means and opportunity.  If you are struggling financially it’s kind of hard to travel uptown to rob the rich when you can barely caught the bus to go to work.  Out of just necessity most end up robbing their neighbors; sometimes even having to hit the corner store they have been shopping at for years.  This design was put in place as a kind of middle finger to the civil rights movement, we have been given an illusion of freedom and equal rights, but with a backdoor to still be oppressed.  The 1% is getting richer everyday and the middle class is shrinking, and you can’t tell me it’s not by design and deliberate action.

I applaud all the current demonstrations for bringing awareness.  I’m more than a bit annoyed by the violent protester, marring mlkjtquotewhat can be an extremely effective campaign if done peacefully and correctly; but I hope the strong leaders can steer the conversation to the real needs of the day. We need police oversight.  We need real community solutions. We need honest and frank conversations, even being less than politically correct but based on fact and not internal fears leading to fear mongering.  And we need less hope and more action to realize the hopes of our children who are innocent.

We need to look to ourselves to help ourselves and our fellow man. We need to be done trusting in others to do our work(politicians) and realize our vision of peace for all. We need to make civil rights, the rights of the day and end this cycle once and for all.


What's your thoughts?

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