Fly Before You Fall

I feel very fortunate to have a love for music.  I feel amazing and blessed to be a writer creating short stories, novels, and some poetry.  There is just something so special about anyone that can transport you to another world, or touch a part in your heart that no one else was aware existed. Recently the a song on the Beyond the Lights soundtrack did just that, and truthfully was the driving force in me wanting to see the movie.  That song was Fly Before you Fall by Cynthia Erivo.

If you don’t know Cynthia Erivo you are missing out on a treat. Go on YouTube because her voice is freakin’ AMAZBALLZ. I just am obsessed with her and a couple of other newly discovered artists like Banks and Stacy Barthe.  The song ‘Fly Before you Fall’ speaks to just believing in yourself but not knowing how. It tells you it’s okay to want and need help to learn what is inside you can and will be okay when it comes out. It really says to me, you have to realize your true nature or you are just asking to fall and struggle being and doing something that isn’t you.

wpid-wp-1416859418005.jpegI can relate as I am coming back from personal struggle. For years I drifted along, scared to fulfill my destiny.  I can’t even say I currently am past self-doubt and a fear of success but I know I’m on the right path.  It’s songs like this that help me to realize I’m not alone.  Songs like this don’t get written for no reason.  As an artist, all we do is express the truths in our lives, and the truths we see in the world.  We are the oracles and the orators of life. We are historians with a little pizzazz, feeding truth an subtext, hoping it will absorb better than your high school teachers. These kinds of teachers have been a treasure for centuries and I’m glad to feel as though I am a part of this elite class( even though I’m not published YET).

imageBut what I want to focus on is the deep message of the song, which I saw as overcoming doubt with a little help. It is seen as weak in our society to ask for help in any situation. If you can’t put food on the table then you are a bum looking for a handout. If you can’t stand alone and take your destiny in your own hands you are a waste.  The simple fact is, while others just have this fighting, can do spirit in them, some need a bit of help awakening that energy. It does reside in us all but access sometimes can be stifled. There shouldn’t be a shame in needing a teacher, a guide to point the way to self-awareness and confidence. And to that point, shame is the driving forces as to why people under-perform.

Many successful people speak to a mentor that helped them see what really was already in themselves.  Sometimes they were fortunate enough that mentor had other means to really propel them forward, but for the most part the reoccurring theme is one of paying it forward.  Even those who truly worked and hustled for what they have can’t truthfully say no one turned them onto an opportunity that wasn’t pivotal to their success. Someone had to give them a job, train them, promote them, and pretty much invest in them, otherwise they would be no different from those that are applying for jobs and getting passed up for the next big thing. I know because I’ve been a manager of small businesses and I was always on the look out for someone to take over after me, someone I could shape like I was by managers before me.  They saw in me a spirit that they felt matched their own and in that I was put in a position to go beyond where I was.

imageEven with all the assistance I received, I can’t say I didn’t feel a bit off. I was looked at as the “favorite”, or “teacher’s pet” and all I wanted was to be a success and feel worthy. It’s a syndrome of our society that only one can be on top and the others must tear them down if they want to make it to that level.  If one is to attempt to do away with such a system they must be a socialist, or an idealist reading too much Thomas Moore( I really do love Utopia).  But for me number one means different things to different people so yes the number one spot isn’t just for one person in my mind.

I am not saying the song, while wonderful touches on any of that; but the great thing about songs like this one is its ability to unlock moments in our lives, and conversation in our heads. I have this thing when I hear triumphant music I get emotional.  I can get misty eyed at an incredible score in a movie and get this almost buzzed or high feeling when someone reaches a high note.  I don’t know; I know I have a great empathetic side to me which I love, and I love how music can move me so deeply.  I just loved this song and it’s ability to get my thinking.  I just wanted to share.


What's your thoughts?

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